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Clay Calhoun Keys
Age: 58
Birthdate: December 24, 1960
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Landscaping
Location: Pensacola, Florida
Physical Description:
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 231 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Gray
Organizations: SOhopeful, SOclear, SOSEN, Roar for Freedom
Clay Keys is a Registered Sex Offender and an activist for sex offenders. He is an active participant in several RSO advocacy groups


Clay Keys AKA "Tsand" AKA "brownbilly68" is a Registered Sex Offender and listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry for the charge of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16. His criminal history goes back over 20 years and includes multiple convictions for crimes ranging from assault to stalking in addition to his sex crime conviction. His most recent charges were for theft, assault and threats of violence in 2006.

Clay believes sex offender laws are too strict and that anyone who opposes his views is a vigilante. He believes himself to be an activist for sex offender legal issues but has been unable to work together with anyone long enough to achieve his goals.

His main function online has been to act as a troll, harassing both child advocates and RSO activists alike. He maintains volatile relationships with other activists who have the same behavioral issues that he does. These issues, including lack of impulse control and personal responsibility when combined with his love/hate relationships with similar activists such as Zman, Shirley Lowery and Derek Logue make for constant conflict among the sex offender advocates.

Clay exhibits fierce loyalty to other activists until he feels they have slighted him in some way, then he seeks revenge by revealing their secrets. Although Clay has been banned from all the groups and forums multiple times, he is best known for impersonating both child/victim advocates and Zman. He is despised amongst all RSO activists as they constantly seek ways to keep him out of their groups.


Why do you have to be such a dickhead all the time? YOU said on your blog, It looks like child porn to you. Why are you looking at this crap for? You dont deny you molested a 11 year old and here you are looking (legal or not) cp and what is the sense of doing that? For research? Posting links to nude children, Is only reinforcing that sex offenders dont/cant change and your just feeding your enemies and it ends up hurting the rest of us RSO's.

THIS IS the first I have heard of this subject. Shirley is just one of the many reasons as to why I resigned as a Sosen National and Sosen Media Member. I have seen Shirley attack many and she even attacked me once, Regarding A comment I made to a already existing thread about moving Sosen out of the yahoo group and into a forum where we could do a far better job. Shirley has written some good articles in the past but has also written some very crappy ones that should of enver been published. I dont care for many of the other SO activists groups either. It greatly bothers me that every SO group cant bury their F#cking hackets and work together in this ongoing war against sex offenders and because of the infighting and splintering off into different SO groups, Is a BIG turnoff and accomplishes nothing worthwhile, In the end. Z, I frankly dont know the whole story and I doubt you do either, Yet here you are ready to remove all links because of what just one person said happened. Since I'm on a roll here, I happen to like ROAR and it is the only SO group I'm currently involved in. I discovered and joined Roar forum long before I ever heard of Sosen or Sohopeful. Oh and Z, Your another reason I left Sosen, I got tired of weaving throught your overflowing daily news articles about every tom, Dick and harry SO related issue story out there! kind of hard to find the threads where members are working on issues with all em news articles plastered everywhere, On page two or three. I'll shut up now.

Our Investigation

  • We first became aware of Clay Keys when found him on such sites as SOhopeful and SOSEN.
  • We noticed Registered Sex Offenders, their families, friends, and other supporters gathered on these sites in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Tsand
  • brownbilly68
  • jnhjoneson
  • jonbulb
  • BigBird
  • jhnjoneson
  • Big John
  • flahaulboy
  • DizzyGirl
  • prettyfedup
  • ToesInTheMudd
  • Sally
  • Susan
  • Redeemed2007
  • CJ Keyes
  • Florida Troublemaker
  • Johnny Brown
  • John Joneson
  • BCU
  • Mydogspot
  • John J

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

  • SOclear Media Productions - Deleted
  • SOhopeful International
  • MySpace - Susan
  • Facebook - Deleted
  • Friendster - Johnny Brown
  • Craigslist Pensacola
  • Anti-Offender Laws MSN Group - Closed
  • Fishing Forum
  • Topix
  • Crosswalk Forum
  • SoTrueFreedom Yahoo Group
  • Blogspot ZMan!:Sex Offender Issues - Closed
  • Roar for Freedom
  • Rights and Law


Last Known Address


PENSACOLA FL 32505-2845

Last Known Phone Number

(850) 485-4478

Additional Quotes

I'm looking foward to going to the Capitol this fall and talk some sense into the brainless idiots (elected officials) that supposedly "think" they represent our best interests

I'm unusally stable if I take my meds daily but occasionally slip up and miss a pill(s) now and then. Blame the State of Florida for that.

bitchy boy, whats up? have you noticed just how easy it was for me to drag your SO butt down into the miry mud and watch you wallow around in it and make a fool of yourself? the gullible are easily led astray! I just knew you were going to run over to Sosen and try and light a disruptive fire on me but all you accomplished, Was yet a further strain upon your reputation as a impulsive immature jerkoff. I did the same with that hypocrite Betty, I really showed teh members the real face of the roar leadership. Again, Gullible people who focus primarily on themselves, End up in the end, Making fools of themselves and revealing their true character and the deep flaws of insecurity that plague them. I heard the Sosen Staff were real pissed after your lil misfire attack in the am. Don't think for a minute that the members dont notice the immature attitude you so freely emonstrated. I'm left wondering as to whether the good citizens of Georgia would be in far safer hands if you never got off the registry, As you loose cannon attitude is a clear sign that you may pose a continual danger to society ).

okay, the knives are sharp, who do i need to stab in the back first???? :)

YOUR not wrong! Shirley is to busy building the next bomb to drop upon all of us minions, Further ensuring conflict for years to come! :)

Lets bash somebody!

how bout Amanda (the panda) Rodgers, or kitty (here kitty, kitty) Kate? hey lets kidnap some elected officials and make them live under a bridge? lets see, we need a "test subject", hey lets put Terry Brown under a bridge! Terry, get under that bridge now! Cheryl gets to be the bridge probationer officer and do nightly 10 pm to 6 am visits! Cheryl, carry a big stick!

Z is a cyberbully and possibly OCD in his crazy behavior. We've had lil spats for the past year or so and he tried his best to get me kicked out of Sosen and succeeded but that isn't much of a loss anyway. I cant say that I'm angry at these folks but I look at things in a diferent light, Not in how some Sosen members preceive most issues to be clear cut. Perplexing, huh? thats cute. I doubt Z would leave his computer to come to Ohio! Nor does he have the $ to travel. I hope you will come to realise that not all RSO's continue to pose a threat to society. Some do get help and change their lives into something better. I have not reoffended and have no intention of ever doing so. So called Megan laws have not been sucessful in monitioring SO's. And not all RSO's are actually guilty of the crime they were accused of committing.

More of the reasoning of "every rso for him/herself" mentality. I dont care for Soclear, Sohopeful or Sosen SO groups, Tired of beating my head against the wall TRYING to find a SO group that will meanfully provide a positive attitude and bury their f#cking hackets and WORK, Putting aside ALL past differences/disagreements/conflicts! I know i am not well liked, can be a asshole at times, etc, etc, but this is a WAR were fighting against and some of you people dont act like its worth winning but are more interested in "whining the war". Everybody has different gifts in what they can do. Go do it, Get off your soapbox and quit collecting hackets because someone offended you or pissed you off! Shirley got up on her soapbox tonight and had her say, Now she wants to start ANOTHER SO splinter group and just what will that accomplish??? Not much, All offended parties will go join her, Another isolatist SO group will be formed and more SO activists will be working against each other and more negative static will exist. Can you say Fools? Yeah big bunch of fools fighting each other, Fools at Soclear, Fools at Sohopeful, Fools at Sosen...Fools fighting each other! Oh, Shirley is getting kicked out, So I have to choose sides...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE! There are fools on both sides ofo the fence And I choose none of you because I am going to do what it takes to fight these SO laws. I'll fight by your side or not by your side, As I dont care where you plant your foolish feet at but quit sitting on your ass with all this STUPID infighting because you screwed somebody or someone screwed you first, Screw that type of defeating uselessness! Have I pissed any of you fools off yet, I certainly hope I've pissed you into doing something worthwhile, Purposeful to THIS cause were fighting against cause it aint gettin no better out there! This concludes tsand's motivational pep talk...for now...I'm positive another will be forthcoming, Why? Why I'm dealing with fools here, Get my drift?

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