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Daniel Hedges
Age: 30s
Birthdate: Des Moines, Iowa
Race: 5'7"
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, Logical Reality
Daniel Hedges AKA Turtle is a self-proclaimed "bisexual pedophile" activist who frequents GirlChat and Logical Reality.

Daniel Hedges AKA turtle AKA turtle-guy is a pedophile activist from Des Moines, Iowa who calls himself a "bisexual pedophile" with a preference for young girls 9-14 years old. He has has frequented such boards as GirlChat and Logical Reality. His myriad of posts on these forums contain many graphic references in support of sexually abusing children.

Hedges has spoken of how easy and convenient it is to molest children who live in the same house with him. He has made sexual comments about a girlfriend’s 9 year old daughter, states that he was previously under investigation by social services for suspected abuse of a girlfriend’s children, and bragged about fooling the court-ordered therapists. He also advises other pedophiles on how to hide and destroy DNA evidence after molesting a child.

Hedges claims to have been incarcerated at some time for molesting a younger relative.


i am…a bisexual pedophile who tends to prefer females around 9-14 primarily.

but there are plenty of willing children that will have sex with adults for all kinds of reasons….most realize that it feels good physically and its kinda nice to be sharing something taboo with an adult they admire.

Our Investigation

Turtle's posts contained email addresses which were linked to profiles for Daniel Hedges.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • turtle
  • turtle-guy
  • darcmuze
  • Dark Muse

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Des Moines, Iowa

Additional Quotes

there is nothing hotter than when a minor flirts or approaches you for sex…this SHOULD be clear evidence of consent…

if i met an 11yr old that had a crush on me and was smart enough to know what she was doing (and i KNEW i wouldnt go to jail) and she acted like she was interested in me sexually then i would be like….ummmm…ok.

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