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Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, FSC, Somersault's Forums

Tycho is a pedophile who is on the staff of FSC and BoyChat. He's a Cog, or Moderator, and is also on the team which is responsible for registration and signature pictures on BoyChat.


Just because I'd love to give a BJ to horny 10yo doesn't mean I'd like to do the same to a man.

My oldest nephew showed me his first pube when he was 11 and I had a YF show me his at the same age. Gawd, I was horny for a week after that! ... even if it meant he was becoming a teen.

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I argue that we love boys for, essentially, the same reasons you love women.

Tyler was incredibly cute which had me wanting to get to know him in the worst way.

He blushes and there's nothing more attractive than a blushing, creamy complexioned, dark haired boy.

The remnants of that blush were still there and he couldn't have looked more beautiful to me than he did right then.

The time we spent together was some of the best times I've had in recent years. I fell in love with him during those days ... days when that 11 yo boy would stand in front of me, lean heavily into me and wrap my arms around himself.

I miss those days and the feelings I had back then. Wild-eyed wonderment at finding so many people who saw in boys the same sorts of things I saw. School-girl giddiness at actually forming friendships with other people who agree that boys can be the hottest little creatures around.

there was guy I graduated high school with who, at 17, was still as smooth as an 9 yo with the cutest little dink and almond sized nads. He was a wrestler and I played football ('Merican style) ... holy-whah, when that little guy would come scampering into the showers after practice, I could barely contain myself. More than a few glances at that water and soap-slicked little jiggly package and I damn near had to run out of the showers to keep from sportin' major league timber.

Perverted uncle

Posted by Tycho on 2007-March-10 19:15:18, Saturday

Back in my hometown recently, I was out running some errands for my getting elderly parents when I spied my now 13 yo nephew walking down the street with some friends. Knowing that he's always up for a joke and that he gives as good he receives (wit-wise ... get your heads out of the gutter, please ;o) I decided to give him a pervy "straight" line and see where he'd take it.

I pulled up slowly from behind, rolled down the window and shouted out, "Hey little boy, wanna ride?"

Without missing a beat, my nephew very coyly replied, "Don't know ... got any candy?"

His friends, none of whom had ever met me before, stood there, slack-jawed, looking back and forth between my nephew and me. The nephew and I busted out laughing.

After meeting the other boys, and finding out if they might actually need rides (they didn't, unfortunately) I went to pull back onto the road and overheard one of boys say, "Man ... your uncle is perverted!" to which the nephew relied, "Yeah, he's cool."

So, I guess I'm pervy but cool ... I can handle that.

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