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Jordan Robert Hill
Age: 33
Birthdate: April 22, 1986
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student and currently unemployed
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, L4C 5C7
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Blond Hair (long)
Other: Wears glasses
Organizations: GirlChat, GLGarden, Common Ground, BoyChat, Livejournal, Age Taboo
Jordan Hill is a 21-year-old pedophile. He frequents many Websites pertaining to both boylove and girllove. He creates many profiles on sites about all types of controversial topics to debate issues with other people. He claims that right now he is afraid to be with a minor because of his appearance and low self-esteem, but may be with one when he feels better about himself.
Jordan Robert Hill

Jordan Robert Hill

Tyciol AKA Jordan Robert Hill is a pseudo-intellectual pedophile. He considers himself a lover of all ages, but mainly focuses his writings on teenage girls aged 12-16. He is well known on Livejournal.com, both having a journal of his own and a co-moderator of the now suspended childlove community. He has also been featured quite a few times at Kick_The_Freak, a community meant to search out freaks on the internet. Besides being a pedophile, he is also proud to be a "furry".

Tyciol is a member of almost every pedophile website across the Internet, including BoyChat, GirlChat and Visions of Alice. He also frequently leaves pro-pedophile messages in the comments section of news articles, and annoys other people on various discussion forums by posting in defense of pedophilia.


From GirlChat

To be honest, I'm not really for adult-kid sex willy nilly, I think if there's any potential for that, it would be as a regulated profession who educate people (child or adult) sexually and in a gentle manner. It would be considered prostitution by today's standards, but as opposed to the common purpose of getting your rocks off, it will rather be one of instruction.

Since our desires regarding girls can't be fully expressed due to law and stuff, have you guys ever thought of using an aid of sorts? I was thinking RealDoll body type 4 would be pretty close, 5'1" and the smallest bust cup option. It feels weird and all but I figure it's really more of an advanced version of something like... the FleshLight.

Our Investigation

These are the steps we took to verify that tyciol is Jordan Robert Hill:

  • A volunteer on the forums made a post stating his name as Jordan Hill and his location as Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
  • We were provided a link to his public livejournal here [1] and this profile [2].
  • The profile states his email address as [email protected]
  • A search of his Email address led to this account [3] which stated his birthday as 4/22/1986 and his zip code as L4C 5C7 in Canada.
  • Continuing the search led to this [4] and this [5] which both state his name as Jordan Hill and his user name as tyciol.
  • Continuing the search, his user name tyciol was linked to this GirlChat post [6], which states his middle name is Robert.
  • Finally, a profile found on www.club540.com states his location as Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Tyciol
  • Jordan Robert Hill
  • Dan Hell
  • MSN: [email protected]
  • YIM: AshtarTyciol
  • ICQ: 84128812
  • AIM: tyciol
  • Yahoo: ashtyciol

Known E-mail Address

Known Websites

Websites frequented by Tyciol

Former Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

Known information on address:

Lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada close to the University of Toronto with his mother and brother who is 6 years younger.

My little bro never found anything (6 year age diff + intelligence difference) so never had that, but with the commentary I make about Misty and other girls on Pokemon or other anime, I think he's sort of caught on :p Now no one can since I don't look at anything questionable anymore. As great as some artists are, my imagination is quite adequate, and infinately more private.

Additional Quotes

From GirlChat:

I live with my mom and lil bro who wouldn't get it, am 20 and been pedo for... well pretty much ever, moreso in the last five years. Not quite the exhibitionist yet, maybe I'll do that when I've a more marketably physique...

I don't think kids will necessarily want some kind of lifetime commitment. Hell, odds are they'll be the tempermental ones and dump us for someone new :)

We're sexual organisms, not asexual organisms. Not being mature enough to produce offspring doesn't mean devoid of sexual urges. They are in development. Developing attributes should be nurtured, not ignored until they're in place with no idea how to use them.

It's weird, I had the same initial attraction to 'underdeveloped' girls. It seeemed like girls in school with large breasts seemed overconfident or something. I guess I felt more kinship with smaller-breasted girls, like maybe they had become more complex people in getting over identifying with sexual characteristics. That's still primarily where my attraction lies, I simply support ephebophilia because I realized it's basically the same physical attraction, and to assume all teens are dumb is... well, agism.

So far, I say I go as low as 14 because that's the legal limit in Canada. Any less, I wouldn't feel comfortable pursuing it so I wouldn't really be able to find out if it was right for me. I do think I'd be fine with 8-13 though, honestly. But even at 13 with a willing nubile girl who wanted me to come over I just couldn't do it. I'm the sort of person who runs back to wait for the police arrive after causing a public disturbance even though it's so minor it wouldn't have been pursued and I could have easily gotten away.

Additional Information

  • Desire to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Psychology. Looking into York U, Trent, Waterloo, Toronto, McMaster, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.
  • Into health, fitness and body-building. Multiple body-building sites. Talks of contortion training as well.
  • Other interests include computer sciences and video games.
  • Talks a lot of manga/anime and cosplay.
  • Poseur intellectual. Loves to join controversial groups to debate issues.
  • Many posts about religion, proclaims to be an Atheist.
  • Interested in books. Used to work in a library.
  • Wants to do research to extend life (longevity) for those around him.
  • Talks about his acne problems, and posts pictures to zit fetish communities in Livejournal.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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