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Kurt Gunter
Age: 40
Birthdate: July 13, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Information Technology Manager
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Montreal Ganymede Collective, BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition, Epifora
Tygyr is a very outspoken pedophile activist who has been involved in many activities with other pedophiles, both online and off and has access to many children.

Tygyr AKA Kurt Gunter

Tygyr AKA Kurt Gunter
Tygyr AKA Kurt Gunter

Kurt Gunter AKA Tygyr was born in Australia but currently lives in Canada. He even made an attempt to enter the United States awhile back but was denied entry for child pornography trafficking and subsequently arrested. He has been involved with the pedophile website called BoyChat for years and now admits to being a pedophile himself. He was romantically involved with Asbit, another known pedophile, but was more recently romantically involved with Jimf3.

He helped Jimf3 with running the Montreal Ganymede Collective (also called the Montreal Ganymede Collectif), which is a group of pedophiles who get together in real-time to talk about having sex with little boys. Another pedophile organization he's involved with is called Free Spirits Coalition. He was also the co-founder of the Free Paed Cooperative (also called FPC), which hosts pedophile websites.

He speaks very openly about pedophilia and is connected with several pro-pedophile Websites such as Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat and Epifora. He is also very active on news groups.


The question is no longer whether boyloving should be legal... it is why it is being prevented from becoming so.

- TygyrNet, 2000

I've pointed out how your "ban all KP" view is not only ineffective but actually causes harm in a variety of ways - not even considering the kids who wanted it.

Our Investigation

During our investigation of Jimf3 AKA James Finn III, the user name Tygyr was discovered. A decision was made at this time to look further into posts made with this user name.

  • Within these posts on the pedophile message boards, there was also mention of a board entitled FPC, otherwise known as the Free Paed Cooperative. These posts were noted within postings made by both Jimf3 and Tyger.
  • Running a Whois check on the site in question revealed the location of the registrant to be in Quebec, Canada. Also the technical contacts, Zone Contact:Finn, Ty (TF4498 ) [email protected]
  • Using a combination of Google searching and web archiving, a variety of information connected to the Tygyr user name was identified. These pages subsequently located, which were high in number provided numerous Email accounts and some phone numbers posted by the Tygyr user name.
  • Going back to examining posts made by this user on pedophile boards, it was noted that posts by the Tygyr user name listed a date of birth.
  • Increasing our efforts, we were able to locate numerous blog and message board entries by this user detailing his views on numerous subjects, including pedophilia. It was also noted at this time that the user was posting a variety of personal information on these boards.
  • By collaborating some of the information posted there under this user name, and the use of search engines and web archiving, we were able to locate a page at http://www.bluesunshine.net/kgunter/. This page provided an accurate name and profession for the individual known as Tygyr.
  • The decision was then made to add him to this Project.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Tygyr
  • Kurt Gunter

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Previous Website

  • TygyrNet


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Former Address

803 Cluny Rd
Armidale NSW 2350

Last Known Phone Number

  • 514-991-8947
  • 514-948-3717
  • (067) 713830
  • (067) 711330

Additional Quotes

I say to myself 'I exist to serve'. If my pages help even one boylover feel better with himself, or one person to understand, then I am happy. And so, here I am... Tygyr the Activist, Tygyr the Emotional Yoyo, Tygyr the Boylover.

I can still go out and skate and talk to 14 year olds not as "The Boylover called Tygyr" but "Tygyr who just happens to be a BL". There's an important distinction there.

A sexuality is a sexuality and of course a good deal of our world revovles around our orientation - it's only natural, after all. But it is quite possible to use your boylove to your advantage as well, as I have found out.

Additional Information


This biography was written by Tygyr:

Raised in outback Australia, Kurt studied a Bachelor of Communications before taking a well-earned vacation to the USA. There he fell into the world of IT, apprenticed to a company serving Wall Street and Fifth Avenue firms. Nine years on, he has yet to return from that "vacation". Kurt's natural knack for Information Technology has seen him excel in a number of prestigious positions around the world - IT Manager for a national New Zealand retail chain; partner in a successful IT consultancy firm; and responsible for managing the networks of two countries for Levi's. He has gained a reputation for top-notch performance in each position held, obtaining the highest possible rating for Levi's staff throughout his career there. Kurt's undocumented career has included such professions as supermarket shift worker, breeder of rare tropical plants, cattlehand, published writer, band manager, model, summer camp director, and secretary for the North American Youth Snowboarding Association. From these diverse positions Kurt gathered experience with huge range of technologies and business skills - as well as a passion for information security and a profound respect for business integrity and philanthropy. Now equipped with Canadian residency, Kurt has returned to Montreal with an eye to settle down and exercise all he's learned (and continues to learn). In his spare time Kurt has a number of hobbies including acting, parkour and community youth activities. He also likes to skateboard as a break from looking at screens. He is currently 27 years old.

Employment History

Written by Tygyr:

Systems Administrator

GOT Corporation
May 2007 — Present
Website: http://www.campaigner.com/
685 Cathcart Street, Suite 300
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1M7
Phone 1.888.845.4544 or 1.514.282.0595
Fax 514.282.1908

Maintenance and development of mission-critical, high-availability server farms at GOT Corporation, a leading email marketing solutions company.

Information Technology Manager

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal
April 2006 — May 2007
Website: http://www.avirontech.com

Sole charge of all IT systems within this large technical college. Founded in 1937, the Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal offers superior post-secondary training in a wide range of fields. Winner of the Consumer's Choice Awards two years in a row, the AvironTechnical Institute of Montreal is dedicated to preparing students for the future with.


June 2006 —September 2006
Website: http://www.nominingue.com
Section Director (Lower Camp) at Camp Nominingue, Quebec. Awarded Mark Connor Award for outstanding performance.

Information Technology Administrator

Levi Strauss
3001 19Th St. # 202
San Francisco, CA 94110
Website: http://www.levis.com
Phone: (415) 642-4875
Fax: (415) 642-4153
2005 — 2006

Responsible for IT infrastructure and user support for Levi’s® Australia and New Zealand. Representative for Levi’s®

Asia-Pacific Server, Security and SOE teams. Key member of Youth Marketing Taskforce and Community Involvement Teams

Vice President, Technology

Ganytech Inc.
Montreal, QC Canada
Certifications: Security+, CompTIA, Education, B. Communications (Media), Multimedia, Film, Professional Writing University of Canberra

IT Manager

Overland Footwear
May 2002 — October 2002
IT/Compliance Manager for Overland Footwear in Auckland, New Zealand.



He attended the University of Canberra in Australia. Bruce ACT 2617, AUSTRALIA

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