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Age: Late 20s
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Has some Native American ancestry
Occupation: Computer Programmer (self employed); pilot
Location: USA
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200-210 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Organizations: BoyChat
Vespucci is a dangerous pedophile. He frequently mentions a 12-year-old YF. Vespucci has gained the trust of the boy's family and is allowed overnight visits and vacations with the boy. It's believed that he may be living in Georgia or somewhere in the southeast region of the U.S.
File:Vespucci sigpic.jpg
Vespucci's sig pic

Vespucci, whose real name is currently unknown, is a dangerous pedophile who has been a well-known member of BoyChat and other Free Spirits Coalition sites since approximately 1997. He is a computer programmer and also claims to be a pilot.

Vespucci often posts about a 12 year old YF who he calls "S" and he mentions their many visits, including overnight visits. Vespucci has known this child for approximately 2-3 years and is trusted by the family. He often has the boy for extended periods of time during the summer and has flown with him. At one point, he lived approximately 20 hours away from the family but has moved to within a 4 hour drive of the boy. Vespucci also mentions that the boy smokes pot.

When S was 10 years old, Vespucci mentions an incident where he was driving and the boy was a passenger in the front seat of a $50,000 sports car. Apparently, they were in an accident and the car was totalled.

It is believed that Vespucci is actively molesting this young boy and he has recently shown an interest in S's younger brother, aged 4. Finding this boy is imperative. We need to help rescue him from this pedophile and make his mother aware of this man's intentions toward her children. Any and all tips regarding the identity of this child or his family would be welcome.

Fortunately, I am close with his mother and his family. I get no questions on my actions any longer


I want a 12yo boy to bugger me.

The gag reflex

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-June-4 23:23:28, Monday

In reply to Jesus Christ posted by Aztram on 2007-June-4 23:16:53, Monday

A reflex action can be overcome with training. Hey, while I don't really need that kind of skill I need a boy that does :)

Our Investigation

Our investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

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Last Known Address

It's unclear where this pedophile is located, but we have hints that lead us to believe he's in the southeast region of the United States, possibly Georgia.

With a city like Toronto having a cost of living greater than Atlanta it worries me.

He took his YF to White Water (an amusement park with a wave pool).

I never had so much fun as when I took S(12) when he was a few days shy of twelve to white water. It was perfect. His fear and excitement perfectly complimenting the rides. And let me tell you there are some good looking boys there

He talks about a skate park near him:

About a month ago I took S(12) to the skate park and we met T(11) who I obviously fawned over but I forgot his name. I just asked S what the boy at the skate parks name was and he knew exactly who I was talking about more than a month later and just spit out the name.

However, he speaks about North Carolina laws in this post:

If the State of NC saws KP is only a 3 year probationary offense who the f*ck is the DA to say that it is not enough and seek federal assistance

Last Known Phone Number

If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact us.

Additional Quotes

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-January-1 21:08:58, Monday

S(12) and I had a real sleepover the other night. The kind were you stay up all night. The reason was simple, I naively let him have a 32oz super caffienated beverage at 00:00. Around 04:30 t.v. run out and there was only info-mercials so the idiot box was turned off and we lay in our seperate beds chatting about nothing in particular...

S stayed over during a tornado warning once. Those sirens sure are scary. Make you snuggle close for safety :)

I am one of the few here that only likes boys and women. Not even close to gay In fact, when I was a camp counselor, one of the other counselors, a brit, referred to me as the manliest man he had ever met and it had nothing to do with the chest hair.

He is mostly too big to ride in my lap now but on occassion still begs to do some lap driving in the neighborhood. I think he likes the way I hug him when he drives. (Actually, it is self defense. He won't let me hold the wheel and if I just rested my hands within wheels reach I would be in the no fly zone so I just hold tight around his abdomen)

S(12) admitted that when he was 10 he was afraid of me. Not afraid of rape or anything like that, just afraid. He didn't have a father in his life at the time and I am not exactly unintimidating. I am so amazed and happy that we have become the friends we are.

Still, I couldn't imagine someone intimidating a boy like that. I guess Im just Anne Frank or something.

S is 4 hours away and I drove over every weekend, almost. Sometimes he comes here. At one point I was over 20 hours away so I could only fly him out over the summer but still he is my everything so I spend everything I have on him.

Is it wrong?

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-February-20 21:56:46, Tuesday

We all know how active boys are and know how difficult it can be to get quiet time with them. But I have found the answer! Or at least it works for S(12), you see he loves energy drinks. So I, well, allow him to have them after midnight.

The end result is a sleepless boy who is too tired to be active but doesn't want to sleep so talks your ear off. Right? Wrong? Does it matter?

Three years in a row

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-May-11 18:40:53, Friday

I get my boy for a long period during the summer Last year we had a summer of firsts that he still quotes today. I am thinking schlitterbahn![1] :p We'll see; I just know got the good news so I don't really know what we are going to do.

This is a poll that he suggested on BoyChat

... if it were legal:

would you?

1) Fuck a boy
2) Make love to a boy
3) Fellate a boy
4) Get fellated by a boy
5) Snuggle with a boy

S(12)'s mom called today.

She bought a new computer chair. Single seat only. She went on to give examples, J(21) her daughter and her Q(24) (her daugters Bf) couldn't sit in the chair together. Then as a second example, S couldn't sit in my lap in the chair either.

Hysterical, the way she grouped the two examples.

BTW, have I mentioned today about how awesome my YF is? Did I mention that he is better looking than all other YF's combined? Did I mention how much my little snuggle bunny likes to snuggle?

Basically, it has been very important to me to not buy a boy's love. That said my next question is why not? You may wonder why I am asking this now? And the answer is simple, S wants something very expensive. He has asked his dad, who is broke, barely employed, and this side of rehab, and his dad said no because he gives all of his money to S's mom. S's mom, said no. I know how much she makes and there is no way she can afford it. And that leaves me.

He hasn't asked me yet but he will. In fact, I already know when he will call and ask; it will be Sunday night when he realizes how fixed his mom's no is. I want to say yes. It is a toy but a toy that could allow us to spend many weekends together away from others. A toy that we can both share. A toy that if I purchase he will realize just how wrapped up I am in his little fingers.

I never had so much fun as when I took S(12) when he was a few days shy of twelve to white water. It was perfect. His fear and excitement perfectly complimenting the rides. And let me tell you there are some good looking boys there.

Posted by Vespucci on 2007-January-4 21:28:43, Thursday

...my YF's best friend almost died the other day. Guess who he called! (Ill give you a hint, it wasn't his mom or his dad) Everyones ok but its nice to know where I am on the phone list :p

Additional Information

Physical Description

  • Age: Late 20s
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Race: Has some Native American ancestry
  • Height: Over 6'0"
  • Weight: 200-210 lbs - Has recently been on a weight loss program.
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Eye color: Unknown
  • Politics: Votes Republican

Information on his YF

His YF is referred to as S(12). He has a mother that he lives with, an older sister 'J' aged 21 and a younger brother aged 4. The older sister, J, has a boyfriend (first initial Q) who is 24 years old. The family appears to have very limited means and Vespucci refers to the father as "broke, barely employed, and this side of rehab". He claims the father is a drunk and is on crack.

In late January of 2007, Vespucci flew with the boy for a weekend 'adventure'. He mentions filing a 'flight plan' so it may be assumed that he flew a private plane:

Ok, techincally it isn't a date per se but it will cost me an arm an a leg and involve a sleepover.

S and I shall traverse a thousand miles and have an adventure this weekend. Its approved, arranged, and the flight plan is filed. Wish us luck.

Here he shows an interest in S's younger brother, aged 4. We really need to find this family!

I am going to have to start taking his 4yo brother. 4 is old enough for mini camp adventures.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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