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Walter Wesley Davis
Age: 82
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Organist, Choral Music Director, Retired Teacher
Location: Corpus Christi, TX, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: "A little extra padding"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey or partially grey
Other: May wear glasses
Organizations: BoyChat
Hugger, aka Walter W. Davis, was a member of BoyChat and is a high risk level sex offender who is still using the internet for sexual purposes.
Walter Davis
TX Sex Offender Registry page

Walter Davis

Hugger AKA Walter W. Davis is a bi-sexual pedophile from Corpus Christi, Texas. He is a high risk level sex offender who was a long time member of BoyChat prior to his conviction and subsequent imprisonment. While on BoyChat he posted often about his YF ("young friend"), described by other posters as a dark haired boy whom Hugger referred to as "T" or "Tony".

Walter Davis is a well traveled man, as is evident by his photo albums of various places in Europe. He stated that his trips to Naples, Italy were prompted upon his meeting a young boy named Giuseppe after the boy traveled to the United States with a choir group from an orphanage in Italy. The choir would perform on two occasions in Middletown, OH where Davis was director of a boy's choir. On both occasions, Giuseppe would stay in Davis' home. Davis hosts photos of Giuseppe on his Flickr.com account, which reveal a close personal relationship between the two many years ago. One photo even shows Giuseppe and another boy in bed at Davis' home. Davis' comments on Giuseppe's photos indicate that the two of them formed a "friendship" of some sort during the boy's visits to the US. Davis would later travel to Naples, Italy to visit the orphanage where Giuseppe lived. Three years later Giuseppe moved to the United States to live with Davis in Ohio.

Although discussions on BoyChat about Davis would have one believe that he left all internet activities behind following his conviction, it is clear not only by his Flickr account, but also by his XTube account that he is still very much involved in internet activities. Although he doesn't appear to be involved with youth on the internet, he does state on his XTube blog that he believes his experiences with sex may be of interest to young people so they can see how things have changed for the better in their time.

Davis states in his biographical information that he has worked as an organist and choir master/minister of music with churches in Dallas, TX, Yonkers, NY, Middletown, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Fayetteville, AR, and Corpus Christi, TX. In addition to working as an organist at Middletown, OH, he was also the director of a boy's choir for 4 years. He states that he also taught at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi as well as the Corpus Christi School District until 1994, when he retired. Although he was no longer teaching, he continued to work as an organist and choir director. It is unknown as to whether he is still performing those duties or not, however a photo on his Flickr account uploaded in April 2009 shows a picture of the altar from Our Saviour Episcopal Church in Aransas Pass, TX, and states in the caption that it is where he is the organist.

Davis was convicted of 5 counts of possession of child pornography and served 6 years and 7 months in prison. He is listed as a High Risk Sex Offender and is required to register for life. His initial registration date was September 5, 2003.

Walter Davis' Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration:



Note: The quote below was from April 24, 2010. As noted in the upper left side, he was online at the time. Clearly this high level sex offender cannot stay away from sexually oriented web sites.

I'm a widower (79 now) who explores swapping info, pics, videos, etc. with other chaps who enjoy masturbation, watersports (maybe), c2c and sexy chatting, getting it off with someone online. I am horny much of the time and love mutual ejaculations online with like-minded males any age.

Oct 06 2007, 5:20 pm]

I'm an older guy whose experiences with sex through my life might be of interest -- to the young, so you can see how things have changed for the better in your time -- for the older readers, to remind them that voicing our sexuality and orientation was not easy once upon a time. I'll add something every day i can, starting with when I was a little boy with a little prick and first discovered its many uses, then eventually bringing it up to the present. suffice it now to say i think I am Bi -- I still enjoy the pleasures of my penis as much as --- years ago, and I just might pass along some helpful information! And yes, I jack off nearly every day. See my X-Tube stuff under the name Diapason. I will continue to write IF I get some feedback.

Happy wanking!

Our Investigation

  • While doing research on BoyChat, we came across a post wherein members were asking about someone named "Hugger". The general consensus was that the reason he was no longer posting on the forum was because he had gotten into legal trouble
  • A search of old posts on BoyChat lead us to one in which he embedded his e-mail address, [email protected]
  • A search of his e-mail address lead us to a site which held a series of e-mail exchanges between [email protected] and others regarding a church organ. One of his e-mails was signed "Walter W. Davis, Corpus Christi TX, May 21, 1998"
  • A search of the name and location lead us to a registered sex offender with the same name, listed as a high risk offender, convicted of 5 counts of possession of child pornography
  • Posts on BoyChat from others indicated that Hugger was Walter Davis and that he was one of a few who didn't try to hide his identity. They also discussed his location and occupation
  • A search using his e-mail address lead us to an account on Flickr, wherein he used the screen name "stoppuller". The account is filled with images of little boys and contains matching information regarding his location and occupation as an organist
  • Also found by e-mail address was a YouTube account for Davis, using the screen name "stoppuller". The videos on the account were of Davis playing a church organ
  • In addition to the above accounts, we were also lead to an account on XTube with contained the e-mail address [email protected] The account also contained photos of Walter Davis along with details regarding his South Texas location. On this account he is using the screen name "diapason"
  • A search for Davis using his real name lead us to an online biography in which Davis outlined his career as an organist and music director, further confirming his locations and employment history

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • Hugger
  • stoppuller
  • flautodolce
  • diapason

Known E-Mail Addresses:

Known Web Sites:


Last Known Address

526 Deforrest Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78404
Neuces County

Last Known Phone Number

(361) 852-0745


So thanks, I am [[email protected]], i live in S. Texas and spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer.

I made the friendship of Giusppe, a 12-year-old Italian boy in the Casa Materna (Motherly Home) in Naples, Italy when their choir toured the US in 1956. Like many childeren in war-torn Europe, his mother could not manage him and his brother and sister, thus his living in the Casa, which was begun by a Methodist minister in Naples around 1903.

Giuseppe was my houseguest during the two concerts in Middletown, and a few years later we arranged for him to live with me for a year while continuing his education in America. He also became very active in the church's music program. We visited him in Milan some 30 years later.

We cemented our friendship while I was there, and three years later he came back to Ohio and lived with me while in high school. He made many friends with the American teens and played clarinet in the high school band.

Additional Information

  • Graduated from SMU in 1950 and played the organ in Perkins Chapel for a year afterward
  • Transferred from SMU to Union Seminary in New York City where he obtained his Masters Degree
  • Guest organist at Grace United Methodist Church in Dallas in 2005, studied organ there as a teenager in 1945
  • Active member American Guild of Organists since 1948
  • Composed a school operetta titled "The Bully of Barkham Street", based on a children's story
  • Has several children and grandchildren

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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