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Stephen James Wise
Age: 52
Birthdate: December 04, 1967
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Teacher and Writer/Director
Location: Presently: Incarcerated. Orlando, Florida
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat
Stephen Wise is a pedophile activist from Orlando, FL and a member of BoyChat.

Willy Wonka AKA Stephen James Wise is a pedophile and known member of BoyChat. He is currently a teacher, teaching TV Production and debate. On BoyChat, Wise frequently mentions his YF. He posts about wrestling with the boy and becoming sexually aroused. He also hints that at one point he had questionable material on his computer.

Wise says that he mentors young boys, and he is a Boy Scout leader. He talks extensively about being a Boy Scout leader on BoyChat. He posts about the many hours he has spent volunteering and about being very upset with the show South Park for negatively portraying Boy Scout leaders.


There's nothing I love more than wrestling with a boy (well, I could think of a couple things, I suppose). Sounds like your little friends certainly enjoyed it as well. I too found myself in a similar condition while wrestling with my YF. Once he ended up sitting on my crotch while I was in such a state and what did he do? He started rubbing his rear end on it! Another time, he blatantly asked me, "Do you have a boner?" I just blew off the question (only the question!) and continued wrestling with him.

So true, so true. I sometimes get asked by other BL's how I can spend so much time around boys without getting aroused. Yeah, that sometimes happens, but usually the sexual fantasies only come out when I'm NOT around the boys, when my mind is allowed to wander into never-never land (no MJ pun intended). While they're there in flesh and blood, it's a different story. They're individual human beings, not objects of sexual desire. And yes, sometimes I get so involved in having fun that I forget that I'm sexually attracted to them.

I also had a near-miss with my mom and a computer. I was cleaning out files with my mom sitting next to me when I happened upon a file I didn't know was there--the title of which made it very clear what it was. I just blew it off as if I didn't know where that came from and quickly went on about my business. She didn't say anything and perhaps she didn't even notice, but man was that close!

Our Investigation

  • Willy Wonka was first noticed on BoyChat using the Email address [email protected]
  • Searches of this Email address led to accounts and links to other Email addresses belonging to Stephen Wise.
  • The other Email addresses led to more online accounts, his Website and his current employer.
  • A photograph of Wise as a child described in detail in a BoyChat post was found on Stephen Wise's Photobucket account.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Willy Wonka
  • willywonkabl
  • templar1204
  • AIM: templar1204

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

5980 Dean Rd
Oviedo, FL 32765

Additional Quotes

Speaking about his Young Friend, YF:

Oh, I might add that he's very horny AND very open with what he tells me. That makes things a bit hard as well (no pun intended...okay, you can have that pun). With this boy around, I never know what to expect next.

As I said above, I have my hands full with him.

Sometimes kids are more accepting of things than adults, simply because they don't have the life experience and the years of "brainwashing" to where their opinions are set in concrete. It seems that while your young friend was at first appalled at the idea of you being gay, by the time you explained it to him, he took a "whatever" stance. He sees you as you, not as a label.

I've often wanted to have conversations much like yours with my young friends over the years. In fact, yesterday I was talking to my buddy L about pedophilia (regarding Pee Wee Herman due to seeing the Entertainment Weekly article about him). That led to a discussion of simple nudity vs. porn. I don't know if I would ever be able to come out and tell him (or any other boys) about my feelings toward boys.

Last year I got in trouble due to my own stupidity, and fortunately things didn't go really bad. In fact, that situation has greatly improved in the last few months. I've posted about that previously, so I won't go into that story. But the aspect of it that which is relevant is that my young friend at the time suspected that I was a BL (or else his mother did and expressed things to him). That didn't stop him from wrestling with me, snuggling, or holding my hand in public (he was 11 at the time!). Every time he said goodbye to me, he would hug me and he often told me that he loved me. A couple times while we were wrestling or cuddling, he asked me if I was a child molester. My mistake was in blowing it off with some remark like, "I've never been molested by a child." While I did discuss boylove in a general form, I never specifically addressed the issue in regards to me. Looking back, I wish I had told him straight away like you did with R. I honestly don't think he would've thought any different about me, other than understanding better where I was coming from. After his mother confronted me, I was no longer allowed to see him (though I've been able to talk to him briefly in recent months), and I have no idea what his mother told him about me. He only has his mother's opinions and twisted version of who I am to go on, and not my take on things. I only hope that he is able to remember the times we spent together, how I treated him, and how we expressed our feelings toward each other. I have faith that he knows that I am not a monster, as his mother would make me out to be.

Skinny dipping is indeed fun. It used to be something that was routinely done by guys of all ages with no thought to the matter. Nowadays, however, public nudity is something that is frowned upon, especially when it concerns adults and youth. When I was a boy, my dad would always take me to the gym for his workouts or to play racketball, and afterward we both would shower with other guys, mostly adult men. It was no big deal (though I really didn't like getting naked in front of others at the time), and I learned at an early age what adults looked like undressed. I knew instinctively what I would end up being like when I grew up. Without a certain amount of public nudity for children, the human body remains a mystery. What do they have to tell them what is the norm? Internet porn?

Not meaning to sound like I'm getting on the paranoia bandwagon, but we live in a time when showering is no longer required in P.E. (and in many cases the showers are used for equipment storage); Boy Scout leaders are not allowed to be in a public bathroom with their boys; and camp counsellors have to find other places to change clothes other than their cabins so as not to appear doing anything indescent.

I would highly recommend caution before skinny dipping with a boy in today's climate, unless you know for certain that no trouble will come from it. Take it from someone who knows!

Additional Information

  • He is a film writer and director
  • His interests include: "Movies, science fiction & fantasy, camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and reading great books"
  • His hometown is Milford, MI
  • His religious affiliation is Protestant
  • Majored in film and journalism in college
  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius

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