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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

"Albert Rankin" AKA "Wolfy" AKA wolfy1619
Age: 33 (if true)
Birthdate: Possibly January 1, 1986
Race: white
Occupation: unemployed
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Physical Description:
Other: See photos
Wolfy is a self-professed pedophile who targets young boys online.
Wolfy AKA "Albert Rankin" AKA wolfie1619 in Nashville
Wolfy AKA "Albert Rankin" AKA wolfie1619 in Nashville
Wolfy AKA "Albert Rankin" AKA wolfie1619 in Nashville, with Scott Akers, registered sex offender
Wolfy AKA "Albert Rankin" AKA wolfie1619 myspace pic

Wolfy AKA "Albert Rankin" AKA wolfie1619

Wolfy AKA Albert Rankin is a pedophile who hangs out on Internet Relay Chat and hits on underage males while bragging that child porn helps him deal with his issues of being sexual attracted to children. He is very interested in being in the spotlight, having done multiple interviews about a protest that he was involved with, as well as doing interviews which are supposed to represent the online group called Anonymous.

Wolfy claims to currently live with someone he claims is his boyfriend, and hangs out on Internet Relay Chat and other places, trying to get underage boys to get on webcams and take off their clothes and do sexual acts for him. He has also said that he uses child pornography to keep him from acting on his urges, and says that child pornography is very easy to find. However, he also brags that his victims have come back to him. He is currently grooming at least one teenager, likely many more (we have referred to this minor in this article as "16 yr old").

He moves around quite a bit, having been in Texas the summer of 2011, and then in Nashville, TN at the end of 2011, and is now most likely in Oklahoma (January, 2012).

He has also lived in Virginia, Alabama and Georgia (Fort Gordon). He says that he has served 4 years in jail for violent crimes, but has dodged sexual crime convictions.

Though Wolfy is popular to some extent with the group Anonymous, because he has been involved in the take down of PayPal, Sony and many other sites due to his botnet, there are many members who do not feel he represents the best interest of the group, and have therefore posted his information across the internet, including chat logs of him professing to be a pedophile. Those quotes can be easily googled, but the ones on this article were collected specifically by our volunteers, who are willing to go to court and testify, if necessary.

He flew from Nashville to Denver and back in December of 2011, but it is unclear who paid for him to do so, since he is unemployed. He was very active in the Occupy movement until mid-January, 2012, and was their system administrator for Occupy Nashville’s computer network. It is possible that Wolfy may become involved in the movement again, so all protesters should keep an eye on the children of any camps he happens upon. Since this website is completely supportive of Occupy Wall Street, we do not want to see it corrupted from the inside, or see silence about pedophiles, such as the case in Pennsylvania. We hope that this article, as well as others that may appear about pedophiles who are involved in the OWS movement, will assist the protesters in keeping any children involved safer.

We are unsure that Albert Rankin is indeed his real name. He is said to be AWOL from the Army, so it is doubtful that he would use his real name in the media and to fly with.

On IRC, Wolfy states that he is proud to be a pedophile and enjoys the fact that he has an article on this website. However, when his friends at Occupy Nashville ask him about it, he denies it. In response, some members of Occupy Nashville have chosen to attack anyone who posts links to this article.


" <@Wolfy> I mean, let's be real for a moment - a blowjob feels good. Until you TELL the child what they're doing is bad, they're gonna enjoy it."

<@Wolfy> "Victim"....Ha! You have no idea how many came back begging for more attention. Seriously."

About the "Dagestan Massacre," videos, he says,

<@Wolfy> Well, the gore is nice, but the kid begging for his life was truly epic. Especially when his request was not only denied, but he was viciously murdered even worse than everyone else

<@Wolfy> Well if anyone finds any GOOD stuff, hit me up. I want to see the people die, not afteraction footage, if possible.
<@Wolfy> Photos just don't work anymore.

About Child Pornography:

< Pedrobear> I miss when CP was easy to find online
<@Wolfy> Pedrobear: Its still VERY easy to find.
<Pedrobear> I CANT FIND
<@Wolfy> Pedrobear: TOR

Our Investigation

  • Members of Anonymous contacted us to report that there was a pedophile activist amongst them.
  • His information had already been posted around the internet,
  • Our team verified his identification easily by joining Wolfy's regular hangout and observing his conversations about pedophilia, as well as personal information about himself, which matched his facebook profile perfectly.
  • He posted pictures on Internet Relay Chat that match the pictures from his photobucket account, as well as his facebook account, one of which is a picture of a ring that he says was given to him by his boyfriend.
  • This investigation is ongoing.
  • Law enforcement is encouraged to contact us for more in-depth information about this investigation.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


  • TBA

Last Known Address

Last Known Phone Number

405-206-7174 (possibly his room mate/boyfriend's number)

Additional Quotes

"<@Wolfy> joseph^: I already know what would help me. Getting to be romantically involved with somebody like, say, 16 yr old, and getting to grow older with him."

"<@Wolfy> Well, I have a 'pedo' highlight, to be fair"

"<@Wolfy> You dumbasses. Pedophilia is not against the law. Pedophilia is a part of your sexuality, just like being gay. There is a difference between tht and child rape. Think before you spout retarded shit, please."

"<@Wolfy> Umm, I stopped when I turned 18. I was having shitloads of sex somewhere around...I dunno, I think I was 11. Me and all the other neighborhood kids would fuck all day. No troll."

"<16 yr old> i did fapcam with wolfy when i was 15"

"<+16 yr old>if a child has sex and enjoys it and doesnt get harmed by it, where is the issue? the problems comes when people confuse the child and tell it that they did something really bad
<@Wolfy> I dunno how many times they'd come back -begging- for more."

"<@Wolfy> 16yrold: I will come make love to you at some point <3"

January 30th:

"<@Wolfy> Captain_Weasel: You know, the disturbing thing is that I just moved here 2 weeks ago, and the other day I just discovered that THE HOUSE IS SURROUNDED IN A 3-BLOCK RADIUS BY NOTHING BUT SCHOOLS."

"<@Wolfy> And I've actually told 6-7 people IRL now. Some of whom have kids of their own."

"<@Wolfy> Oh, I resist the urges. The CP helps."

"<@Wolfy> The biggest thing I weasled my way out of was Aggravated Sexual Battery (x3)"

"<@Wolfy> The biggest thing that scared me was they once tried to charge me with attempted murder of a police officer. (Which was modified to the Criminal Use of a Deadly Weapon charge)"

"<@Wolfy> anonymouse: Some day, yes. All jokes aside, I have had a VERY VERY interesting life. Between an all-military family, being Army myself, dealing with being a gay pedo, the Anon shit, spending 90 days in a tent for Occupy...yeah, I'll write one. In international waters."


Additional Information

  • Says that he has told 6-7 friends that he is a pedophile.
  • Says that he is a former Army electrician.
  • Says he has been with his boyfriend off and on for 10 years.
  • Says he learned how to play chess when he was "locked up."
  • Was possibly in the army at Ft. Carson.
  • Is possibly AWOL from boot camp.
  • Says that he signed a contract to work with Boeing in December, but did not move until January. However, he is still saying that he works for Boeing.
  • Says he spent 4 years in jail for "four counts of assault, Criminal use of a Deadly Weapon, and a few other things."
  • Says he was physically abused as a child by his father.
  • Says his father was in Desert Storm.
  • Says his mother is a combat medic in the army, and has been for 25 years, and doesn't mind that he is a pedophile.
  • Says his father and one of his brothers are pedophiles also.
  • Implies that he molested his brother.
  • Says that he started becoming sexually active at age 11.
  • Big fan of video games, especially xbox.
  • Like Rookiee, he is a furry.
  • Has occasional problems with his ears.
  • Owns a pair of pink and white that were donated to the occupy camp, and wears them in public sometimes.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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