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Stephen Michael "Steve" McNabb
Age: 66
Birthdate: June 29, 1953
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Incarcerated
Location: North Central Unit, Arkansas Dept. of Correction, Pine Bluff, AR
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 305 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, CBLF
Stephen McNabb was a regular poster on pedo boards and currently serving a 20-year sentence for rape and 1st degree sexual abuse.

Stephen McNabb AKA Wzzzy AKA Klatu

=wzzzy= AKA Stephen "Steve" McNabb AKA Dotman AKA Klatu was a regular member of both BoyChat and CBLF. He is currently serving a 20-year sentence for rape and 1st degree sexual abuse. McNabb, as a regular member of CBLF, posted that he was a Christian, and as such struggled because he also was a firm believer that sex with boys was acceptable. Like many other pedophiles, he did not feel that being a boylover and a predator were the same; however, he stated that he had changed his mind and that God won.

At the same time, he stated that he had a YF, but that they were not involved in a sexual relationship, even though he claims that the boy wanted to be. McNabb boosted himself on the board as someone who would not dare to take advantage of the boy. Ironically, just a year and half prior to his conviction, he posted that he felt the best image one could portray is the truthful one.

At the time of McNabb's arrest, he was living with another pedophile, Avery Lundquist AKA Phantom who was arrested at the same time. Not only did McNabb know Lundquist in person, but he also had met several other pedophiles from the BoyChat site, including the poster/moderator known as Ed, and two others, Lonnie and Dennis. In a joint post made by the four pedophiles, they described a weekend together which also included Avery's Mother and the presence of many children. The men all described different moments during the weekend involving boys at a town festival and while swimming and cooking out.

Records indicate that McNabb was convicted of rape and 1st degree sexual abuse, however the exact details are not known. When Lundquist was released from prison after serving three years, he returned to the BoyChat forums and posted that McNabb was still incarcerated and stated that they were set up by another poster, who he referred to as "Curtis".


The following post is in reply to The Little Prince, who asked about removing info from his dorm computer after searching for images of boys on the internet:

I am a MSIE person....so no netscape answer...maybe you could rename it? shit whatta I know.... )

As for the rommmates name....hmmmmm, that is my first name...Steve....well well...but as you say he is prolly real good lookin....coarse when I was 18....ahhhhhhh those days.....I was a good lookin young man...believe it or not Mr.Ripley....

I will make a special point to look at night to see if ya are up.... )

send an addy so I can send ya some mail....I will keep it private....and I will not send ya pics that are illegal....just pics of us...

Love ya little one.....in traffic today I see a familar car drive by....hey that cute banana hanger looked like LP....Boy I love him....

This post was made just before he was arrested and convicted of rape and 1st degree sexual abuse:

The true me............

Submitted by wzzzy on April 06 1999 at 02:08:20

Good morning d......

When I found BC way back in ancient times...I was a firm believer in my head that sex with boys was ok...but in my heart I knew better....(I have been a Christian since my 16 year here on this earth...) So the struggle with Brain vs Heart has always been a big one....Many people know me....and I am out amoung many....but since reading and responding in bc....I have come more to understand that being a boylover and a predator are TWO different things...

My beliefs and views have now changed....for the better I feel..My heart has won...My God has never left me...I left him...but he has always been there for me, and now I am there for whoever needs me...

I have a YF, and we are not sexual....but anyone can see our deep love for each other...I, as the adult, have chosen not to be sexual with him...he wants to be sometimes...but that would be unfair for him at this point in his life....and I will not take advantage of his vulnerability(sp)

I hope and pray that here at this forum.....that I just discovered !!! I will be helped and help in return........


My AOA is anywhere from about 6 to 18, have a SYF who is 16 and a yf who 13, I like boys who are slim hair coloure deosn't matter i do like their to look good, Don't like rude bad mannered boys, Please and thank you never hurt anyone, both my yf always say thank you when i do or give them things, and they havn't had the best upringings.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed =wzzzy= as a regular member of BoyChat, and soon found that he was also a regular member of CBLF
  • In a post on CBLF, he linked his nick "wzzzy" to the names klatu and dotman.
  • In another post on BoyChat he stated that his first name was Steve. He also linked his screen name to other nicks, nobody and Joker.
  • We found his personal web site using his e-mail address, noting the name "Zort". Shortly after wards, we found a guestbook entry he had made using his klatu name, where he mentioned the same personal Website. He also posted that he lived in the US, south central area
  • A newsgroup post linked to the [email protected] e-mail address was signed by "Steve".
  • While researching Phantom AKA Avery Lundquist one of our volunteers discovered that a "Stephen McNabb" had lived with him and that both had been arrested at the same time in Arkansas. It was known that Phantom and Wzzzy were friends on BoyChat.
  • Wzzzy mentioned several times that he was a "fat man". Public records for Stephen McNabb state that he weighs 305 lbs.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • ==wzzzy=
  • --==wzzzy=--
  • klatu
  • dotman
  • nobody
  • Joker
  • Zort

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Currently incarcerated in an Arkansas prison.

Previous Addresses

314 W. Sherman Ave.
Harrison, AR 72601
Boone County

  • Ash Grove, Missouri
  • Alpena, Arkansas
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bonner Springs, Kansas
  • Leslie, Arkansas
  • Green Forest, Arkansas

Last Known Phone Number


Additional Quotes

Hi Gang....

Well so far this weekend I have had one of the best times in my life....People are the same .....they are REAL....believe me....same as me...crazy....words can not describe...... ) We all have had a ball....Having fun with my friends.....and the kids...is great....everyone was a gentleman..except ave's mom....she was a gentle girl....aaaannnnndddddddeat.....Damn I gained 35 pounds.....the town was having a festival of sorts.....and boys galore....!!!! Fat ones, skinny bones....and the cutist little kid was dancin to the music by himself in front of the stage.....everyone in the audience was smilin...... These guys are standin over my shoulder ..... ) guess they want to type..... heheheh I ain't gonna letem....naw...I'll be nice.......well all I can say is I wish all of you could be here....it was beautifull.......


Long shot at the race track again.....I lost a bundle....$40.00

Sheeeezzzzz some guys should not be the TIP writers in the track mags...

Oh so you are a 12 year-old boy huh....does this mean because you are cronilogicaly(sp) 20 but the mind and and *dick* of a 12 yr old boy...you would be legal for me to diddle with.... )Ooooooo such realitys are staggering....*giggle* I just wish I could meet you.....but alas no one loves a fat-man....*sigh*

Oh as for the hold...I mean you need to call her sometime and or e-mail here, that's all....there is no problem about what you asked.... )

Jumping up and down in toy stores....what a way to confuse the staff...

Additional Information

McNabb's Custody Information

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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