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This seriously is what this whole fetish is about. Srsly.

The world of gays knows no limit on fetishes. First there were furries. Then, there were boytaurs. And now, MUSCLEGROWTH.[1]

Plz make me 2000lbs and 10ft tall

Seriously, this is what the fetish is. In simple terms, the MuscleGrowth fetish is adding grotesque amounts of muscle to ones body. Now, this is something that is usually done through steroids and years of heavy lifting. BUT NO. The Evolution Forum has made it SO EASY by writing intensely written stories about becoming The Hulk. EVEN BETTER is when pix plz becomes involved, especially Photoshop.


What makes this notable is the amount of other fetishes that feed into it. A cursory glance at the website shows that people from all walks of internet subculture hang there: furries, gays, otakukin, wapanese, and pedophiles.

Abusers of Interest


What could be better than having a complete lack of knowledge of human anatomy and wanting to have a cock bigger than a car? DOING ALL OF THAT WHILE BEING 9. Srsly, one member of this group is so batshit insane that he flips the fuck out when CYOC stories about 9 year old boys are changed so that they're not 9 years old anymore :( :

I would really like it to end, because it doesn't fit my vision of what I wanted it to be when I started it, I didn't want 50 foot giants with 2000 inch pecs, I didn't want incest (although I am not against it, really), I didn't want all this height growth stuff, when I started the story, I just wanted a simple story of a 9 year old boy growing bigger muscles and being stronger than his older brother, what has since turned out has been really out of control and nothing that I really wanted to see. I did want to see him continue to get bigger muscles, and continue growing in strength as well, but not height, and not age or anything like that. This story fell out of my vision a long time ago. Sorry, maybe its not what you want to read on here, but I say end this story, it has grown too out of control. How about starting a new story with the same values, but don't grow the kids to be adults, keep the kids in the story kids, just grow their muscles and strength, thats all I ask. Iceman75[2]


Because people who have high moral standards have Pokemon morphs as an avatar.

Like furries, MuscleGrowth fans tend to ruin children's cartoons. TheMM is no exception. Most likely wapanese, as evidenced by his Kefka signature and his Pokemon avatar, TheMM posts at least 100 times a day about the OMG hotness of awful photoshop attempts. Like iceman75, he is a pedophile, claiming to run at least three kiddie porn groups on Yahoo. Also is an EXTREME attention whore, so much so that he posts a poll about himself, since the only way to feel better about yourself is to hear compliments from obese, 50 year old men, amirite?


Suspiciously, right after the downfall of Hal Turner, a user posted a guide about trolls. In a tl;dr article, the author made the following claims:

  • a troll is a person who aims to have "pleasure at your expense [3]
  • In fact there is one person I know of on this site, who is most likely a TROLL and I was not his target. [4]
  • TROLLERS are Internet Terrorists who band together not in religion , but in HATE. To close your eyes and not see that theses hateful individuals need to be dragged out into the light , is an antiquated way of looking at the future of communication. [5]
  • However this TROLL issue might be a little hard to comprehend for some of the older folks who still see the internet as a "NEW TOY" to play with. [6]


The offending thread in question: http://www.musclegrowth.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18866

"I remember clearly seeing a bodybuilding show on tv, when I was about 5-6 years old and having my first erection." In an apparent outward display of harmless male bonding with no strings attached, a number of straight men have applied for membership and post on this site. Perhaps they were just a little confused when they arrived at the site by accident (honestly! I was just trying to get directions to get away from there again!) and have continued to strive for the respect and fraternity of their fellow men by engaging in innapropriate simulated sexual acts in the flash chat room and woshiping hypermasculine teen sex gods. Dont worry, its a perfectly normal male reaction. Everyone does that once in a while.

Bored and Horny :(

The following people are very bored and horny :(

  • Yahoo Messenger
    • Spinnersun8
    • spikedfa999 (this guy wants you to cam, and "crush stuff" for his faptastic viewing leasure)
    • bigbob111 (Oh come on, it wasnt THAT big)
    • Buffmorph
    • Greenear88
    • ncscuc
    • cutlerfan
    • mikenbn
    • lightning_drake
    • musclemike85
    • musclemike05
    • smallboy (just a basic run of the mill small boy)
    • joel_yager
    • rannen83
    • zilcher (The master of worship)
    • whodunit (a genuine 400lb monster of a man, apparently)
    • gahalas1
    • spadx89
    • rylanfriday
    • bibobby81
    • liftmore3000
    • ultramuscle
    • nujock
    • Muscle4BIGGER
    • jx22uk
    • bodybuilder2be
    • Tori Sue Heck

And The Women Who Love Them

Its not just a big man cave over there at the forum. Women have been known to browse the erotic stories section and join general discussion threads about the topic of male musclegrowth. For some, theres something like being fucked by a real man who cant even wipe his own ass that turns them on, apparently.

    • Sar is Happy
    • birdy (I feel like I'm invading the men's lodge, but I must confess I do love a muscular man)
    • Dancing Fish
    • Builtgirl
    • random (a dominatrix)
    • thrae218
    • Esperanto Lives (had a crush on He-Man and Lion-O from cartoons)


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