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The infamous Nikki and random fag hag once hearing goth died before she was born
Nikki and her pet peacock.(ZOMG! NO PHOTOSHOP!!!111ONE!
Quick, can you name the 7 inch demo this band put out in '82!? I didn't think so!

Ex Raye is a fat 19 year old girl and an internet celebrity in the deathrock scene. She enjoys singing Barry Manilow in the shower when nobody is home to uncover how ungoth she truly is. When she is not busy posting angled pictures of her saggy, fake tits and double chinz, she is bragging about owning a towel with Nik Fiend's semen on it and eating gothic food such as Peppermint Batties and Frankenberry. She eats lots of gothic food so she can be the biggest goth ever. Get it? Biggest goth ever. Rumor has it the Batcave closed when her legs did. Ex-raye is also so goth, she has spiderwebs for pubic hair and Photoshop version 10.0, Goth makeup edition.

Ex Raye is believed to live off of clove cigarettes, shitty obscure 80's music that was even shittier back then, and black person dick. She loves the black coq because black is about as goth as Marilyn Manson's asshole.

While not as annoying or experienced in musical elitism as Lakini Malich or the group underground group of "Elitist-hating Elitists", she DOES have a vagina, which means constant pwnage is needed to prevent total bitchiness. Because she only listens to goth music, this means when she's not being a total thundercunt, she is busy crying and wishing her parents loved her more. Goth is serious fucking business. I mean, Edgar Allan Poe fucked his cousin. Serious fucking business.

Ex Raye isn't strictly a gothic (also know as goth, goff, gauwf, and gay) camwhore of course! She also has appeared in many famous videos, such as the infamous swap.avi. After giving head to Rozz Williams at his funeral, she contracted the deadly "Black Lipstick on My Pee Pee" STD. This is noted for its itching, burning, and undead black ring around your dick. Little did she know, Ex-raye and her sPoOkY vagina are the reason Rozz Williams turned gay and goth (maybe killed himself, but then again, cocaine is a helluva drug).

She has a huge following of fans on such lulz-inducing sites as VampireFreaks and MySpace. Her dog, Dan, is her black person and biggest fan. You can tell because he doesn't Photoshop the fat off of her pictures. But he does occasionally photoshop fat ONTO her ass because in reality, he really wishes he had a nigarita with junk in the trunk. At least 100 times, she's pwned those who don't know as much about goth music as she, despite the fact she just discovered Bauhaus last thursday.

Ex Raye also joins forums that discriminate against the Gawth subculture, probably because she infected everyone on her block with her 'oh so famous STD'. (If you're wondering what it actually is that she is contributing to the goth scene, it's her STD.) The STD makes everyone goth, because who wants to live in a world full of norms and people that don't photoshop themselves on a day-to-day basis... not Ex-Raye, of course!

She also contributes environmentally making her a dirty hypocritical liberal. With the gallons of Aquanet she uses to keep up her shit-ridden ratnest up, she ensures that the ozone will deterierate quicker than predicted by Al Gore. She has caused a bunch of lulzy drama on VF through "3l33tz" cults that once fed her ego that shouldn't have existed.

Ex Raye has a seriously large head. She teases her hair in a last ditch effort to make people think it just looks big due to the hair-do. Don't be fooled. Many agree Goatses ass got that way after he sat on Ex-Raye's mellon. Not to mention that her and Mike Skull have anal sex while listening to "im feeling zombified"




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Famous quotes from the Goth-bag herself

I've met plenty of people that tell me how they got into music such as post-punk, goth, etc... And the reason these people did get into it was by their parents! Of course, I always respond to this with great surprise because my parents certainly didn't know a thing about the goth rock movement. I had to learn it all from scratch. (I'm not complaining)

So, any of you guys in here one of those kids?


Shave my back? Impossible. It'd take years. Don't bother.

And, the anal lube is for your anus right? Because in that case, I'm in.


— Proving that she can tease her backhair as well. (note: She is trying to lure this person into contracting the STD)

Haha. Thanks, Sarah. You need to come hang out.


—-But only so I can make you feel like less of a person to make me sound better

Pale to tan? I cringe at the idea of my pastey flesh embracing the light!


— Or some other goth crap.

I was in the Cramps. How's that for meeting a band?


— Probably as Groupie...or sound system check guy.

The HORRENDOUS assumption that Black Clothes equals Goth and that Goth equals Suicidal Cutter. WRONG. If you think this; you know NOTHING of the subculture and hereby have no right to speak to me.

-The assumption that bands like HIM and Manson are Goth. Sorry. Try again. -I dislike Manson. Nothing he does is 'Goth Rock' Sorry, pal. It's NOT a 'GOTH THING' as your idiotic t-shirt reads. -People who are apart of organizations purely to come off righteous and caring to others. -People who think just because they don't like something; it must suck -MySpace and it's constantly UNEXPECTED ERROR bullshit. -Liars. Tell the truth, you ass. -People who blame others when clearly, they were the ones who made the mistake. -People who are overly asinine. I've been told I'm too serious. I think I'm just right. -The fact that AFI is on a Gothic Rock Box Set?!?


—The formatting, it hurts.

What a douche bag....Who the hell cares what goth is? You're nothing but a 250 lbs miserable cow who married the first guy who treated her right, and thinking that snubbing 85% of humanity makes your "OH SO INTELLIGENT & GENIUS". Your photography sucks, you charge way to much. It's not the camera that makes you professional Nikki Phillips it's the talent. And you sir, HAVE NONE.

We understand you're on your over flowing disgustingly stinky period 99% of the time, still try lightening up a bit and if by some MIRACLE you start being nice to people and pull your huge head out of your tight asshole...Maybe people will stop harassing you and creating hilarious PWNage pages about you dear and like you :]

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