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Have you ever stumbled across a text file, web page, or picture that just summed up an entire subculture in one go?

If so, you may have found a good example of an Example.txt (also known as Example.jpg/html/gif/bmp/etc)

On forums and image boards, these often take the form of copypasta. In fact, for the hardcore fans of this spergy psuedo-meme, there are even entire forum threads on shitholes like Something Awful where posters engage in massive circle jerks to find the most repulsive example.txt/jpeg/gif/mp4 etc. of whatever it is they seek to condense into a shitty summation of utter fail.

Below are some examples of this:


This Tl;dr sums up the mental state of these pathetic ponyfuckers.

Twilight Sparkle fiancé.png


This picture is every furfaggot you will ever meet.



A major subset of Example.txt is "Shit That Didn't happen.txt, or "shitthatdidnthappen.txt". Either way, you can usually find this on mock threads on various forums, on Pastebin, or as downloadable text files and web pages all over the internet, and it comes in two forms:

Type 1 - This version of Example.txt is dedicated to lulzy bullshit people post about that they really shouldn't share on the internet, then later try to pretend they never did it, hence the name "shitthatdidnthappen.txt". Unfortunately, the internet is a totally unforgiving place, and trolls are usually quite good at finding this sort of thing (preserving the embarrassing shit people have posted and tried to eliminate all traces of later or have done and want to deny), then posting it in places where the internet is likely to never forget about it.

Type 2 -The other version of "shitthatdidnthappen.txt" (and far more common version) is the exact opposite: this shit didn't really happen, not at all, but USI infested fucktards post that it did anyway.

This can be pretty lulzy on occasion, since some of these dipshits will post about doing stuff like getting away with racism, flipping off their boss without consequences, or some other act that anyone IRL actually would suffer for, but these assholes claim they kicked ass, took names, and everyone present gave their dick a handjob.

Basically, idiotic shitheads post about getting away with things they shouldn't have, they're lying through their fucking teeth about it, then they later come to regret it as they find their lies saved by the internet and used to raep them in the ass later on.

Usage of Example.txt on ED

On this wiki, we make heavy use of Example.txt/jpg/gif/etc. In fact, on the articles we have about the various rejects from the human race like bronies, goons and redditors, we feature many different screenshots, text excerpts, audio samples, and video clips that are representative of these groups whose members should have been aborted long ago for their toxic levels of fail, and on most of these articles, the average reader is bound to find more than enough examples that will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that who or whatever the article refers to is full of GRIDS, antilulz and shit.

As for "shitthatdidnthappen.txt", ED usually has more of the first type than the second, since many of the retards this wiki covers would love to deny the drama they have caused, claiming "this shit didn't happen" in response to our evidence of their faggotry and fail, so, of course, we exist to preserve and document as much example.txt to prove that they are lying dramawhores.

However, since drama and lulz can be found even in lies that lusers don't try to deny, this wiki also catalogues the more ridiculous shit these morons cop to that they haven't actually done, then (for the lulz) we expose their lies for your information and entertainment.

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