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Experience Project is a web community dedicated to polluting our beloved tubes with the anonymous happenings of a bunch of people that are retarded and do not have a grasp on reality. Much like Yahoo! Answers, this cesspool of stupidity allows anyone with an opinion to share theirs. And luckily for we lovers of the lulz these retards deliver. The creators of the website do a great disservice to mankind by trying to reinforce that everyone is a special and unique snowflake. A quick jaunt through their website will prove this to be incredibly wrong.


Do you have terrible life experiences that you feel the internet should know about? Do you have dark and hidden secrets that it would destroy you if anyone found out about them? Well! Tell the internet about it anonymously! It is most certainly a good idea to spill your darkest secrets on the internet where there is absolutely no possible way it could ever be brought back to you and possibly ruin your life. Except for, of course, the shitloads of times that it has happened.

A majority of the problems of the people on EP can be solved with just a couple helpful ideas and tips.

  • Shut the fuck up and deal with it. Life is hard and isn't fair.
  • If you're going to do something, fuck whoever doesn't like it.
  • ????

Hate Yourself? Change It!

If only I had more EP Challenges..

Are you a loser that needs to make drastic changes in their life to score some pussy or to not be a fat ass basement dweller? Do you want to run neck and neck with other fat ass basement dwellers in the hopes of bettering your life? Sign up for one of Experience Project's challenges! You too can team up with other basement dwelling fat fucking rejects on the internet to attempt to make great strides in bettering your life.


  • Drink More Water
  • Go Organic
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Wear Sunscreen Everyday
  • Read the Daily News

Some people should be looked upon with great pity if they need to mass in great numbers to challenge each other and stick to their guns on.. drinking more water. Truly an inspiration to us lesser beings.


  • Retain your soul while browsing /b/
  • How to kick that loli habit before v&
  • Learn Computer Science III
  • Burn down a Co$ member's house every day for fourteen days
  • Regain whatever innocence you had before the internet

Am I a Slut?

Asking the internet if one's sexual lifestyle is bad causes a more casual observer's brain to grind to a dead halt. A sea of pedos and freaks is definitely a good barometer to guage how much of a whore one is in the major scheme of things. Although this is more readily explainable if the original poster happened to be a forty year old man or Chris Hansen.

i kiss a lot of guys, sometimes girls (im a girl). im 17 btw. when i get drunk i like to dance, which consists on grinding on people, most people say i dance like a stripper, and i also hook up with lots of people. last time i drank i hooked up with around 15 guys in one night, thats not usual though, most times its only around 2-3. but ive only ever slept with one of them, which was while drunk. so do you think im a slut?


—Some slut.

And a white knight appears..

what does hook up mean and i think you need to start having a little more respect for yourself...and the rate you are going...things will possibly only get worse with you being so flirty...and do you know what all these guys you keep hooking up with think of you?...do you even care?...stop treating youself like some piece of meat...there's better ways to express yourself...love yourself a little more...the route you're on...you'll be doing drugs...get hooked on drugs...not have the money to get drugs...hanging around with drug dealers being their hoe...eventually being tricked out by guys who are controlling you for sex and a laugh...and with drugs...do you want to catsh aids or an std?...how about herpes...?...do think it's cool to be someone guys and girls behind youe back talk about being someone they can "hookup" with to use you for sex?...it isn't cool to deghrade yourself with giving so freely and not caring....i know you don't want to hear this bullshit but check yourself before you wreck yourself...like your club hopping friends would say....


—Caution: the preceding eye rape can give you Eye Herpes

This is an excellent piece of advice. Quoting black person will certainly cause this young woman to correct her ways. It is hard to believe that this individual has actually interacted with a pimp. Most of them have absolutely zero sense of humor when it comes to their whores and making money. But he is right. It is completely reasonable to assume that dancing with a bunch of people and periodically sleeping with one will lead to a life of whoring, STDs, and drugs. The number of people that ask "what does hook up mean" is mind-boggling when one considers that at the end of her statement she states that she has ONLY FUCKED ONE OF THEM.

I won't answer the question cause that would be judgmental. I will offer this observation.

A boy F***'s every girl at school and he is a stud. That is cool.

A girl F***'s every guy at school and she is called a ****. That is bad.

How is this fair?


—Some whore that thinks life is fair.

Could have something to do with the fact that it takes some finesse to fuck a good looking woman. What sluts like this fail to realize is basically every unrelated (and some related) man in their life that is smiling or being helpful to them is either trying to fuck them or is gay. That's it. There is no middle ground to this. Effort wasted on someone that won't fuck your sorry ass is effort that could be going to someone that will. All it requires for a woman to get laid is an invitation. An ugly ass woman could walk into a church during service and shout "ANYONE WANT TO FUCK" and guaranteed at least five guys will leave. But when I walk into a church and shout "ANYONE WANT TO FUCK" I have to stay at least five hundred feet from the property. The fuck is that shit? A woman talks about her period at work and OMG ITS A WOMANLY PROBLEM. If a man talks about fucking his fat pig of a girlfriend and making her pussy bleed it's sexual harassment. Men and women are not equal. They have never been. They never will be. There will never be wars waged over a cock. Yet women are powerless to their male counterparts and its all so unfair! Men are just as big of dicks to other men as they are to women. We're just used to fighting each other over it.

Think of it like this. Women are locks and men are keys. If a key can get into many locks it is considered a "Master Key". If a lock can be opened by any key, well that is just a shitty lock.


Yes. You are a ****. Wait until you are eighteen and call me.


—Clearly not Pedobear.

no. you're a tease.


—Pointing out that she is asking for it.

First off, the drinking part has to go. You are too young to be drinking. You should be a sober young women with a head on your shoulders. As long as you drink and carry on like that, nobody knows if you are a **** or not one. Be sober and be yourself. You are only damaging yourself and your reputation. You are only young once.


—Being a drunk might be her being herself.

Furries Fucking Ruin Everything

Wherever there is a place to express an opinion, generate attention, and not have to deal with the repercussions for your bullshit; there will be furries. EP is no different. It is amusing to note how many people have absolutely no idea what this pestilience is and how invasive it is to our host internets.

Anon's hatred for furries finally makes sense..
Are we born furry or is it a choice?


—Some fag with a chipmunk avatar.

I was born blind and hairless. But I'm feeling much better now. Meow!


—The.. best answer?

For just as many jackasses as this one that help to grow this problem to unimaginable levels that not even Hitler could stop, there are another five that have no idea what's going on. Periodically you do run into a lulzy response or two. Mostly it just makes one weep and long for the days when people like this would be sacrificed to appease blood gods.

Someone needs more nuts in his mouth!


—Doing it for the lulz.

knucklez the emo juggalo furfag

While parusing this cesspool of stupidity to bring you the lulz, a bored EDiot stumbled across a potential lolcow. Noting that this individual was the creator of the juggalo furry group our brave explorer decided to see what shenanigans knucklez got up to. Turns out, for being a WOLFEN HATCHET MURDERA, knucklez is little more than a pussy whipped, self-loathing furfaggot who should embrace his messages of becoming an hero. His profile claims him to be between 18 and 21, but it is hard to believe that this retard is over thirteen. Or maybe its just him whining like a bitch so often its just easy to mistake him for a child with a skinned knee. Some day our widdle knucklez will be all grown up and not have to use the sippy cup and diapers. Unless he embraces being a babyfur. Might as well, babyfurs and juggalo furs are both on about the same level- the scrapings of the scrapings of the ass of humanity. Though it does make one wonder if his beloved whore Nikki would tolerate that much faggotry and fail out of one cock donor.

Trolling EP

This website should be the primer for a level one troll. You have to be completely stupid to not be able to generate lulz at the expense of these retards. All you need to do is post a semi-serious question that will appeal to someone that will defend it to the hordes. In light of this, the site makes for a fine idiocy test. Do you fear you're an idiot? CHALLENGE yourself! Go and attempt to start a lulz-fest or BAW-o'-rama. If you fail, an hero immediately to redeem yourself.

You know you want to.


  • Do you miss W in office?
  • Is there a way to not be gay?
  • Is "loving" your pet a sin?
  • Why do all Muslims want to commit suicide?
  • Why don't you think America is the best?
  • Why do Wiccans venerate the Goddess when the religion is about neutrality? Shouldn't it be the God and Goddess?

Go forth, sow seeds of chaos that will bear tender fruit.

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