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Warning: this page was troll rolled by a lvl 3 interwebs troll

Extreme is a word that describes something that is "Awesome" or "Totally Cool" used by racist douche bags or Guidos(what's the difference? amirite)Extreme people LOVE to skate board with their "Homeys" and then they will talk about all those girls they banged last night. They will then ignore the fact that said "girls" were muscular had no tits and had 12 inch cocks shoved into their ass.

Extreme Sports

Typical extreme sports scene.

In case you are too untalented to do actual sports, you can be an X-Gamer. What used to just be a bunch of 13 year old boys making asses out of themselves on YouTube, are now considered aspiring professional athletes.

Thankfully, these extreme sports cause many horrific and lulzy injuries for everyone to gasp and laugh at. Stoner skateboarders especially demonstrate exceeding skill in getting themselves pwned by cement.

Extreme Moving Watching
Extreme Rice
Extreme Breakfast
Extreme Toothbrushing
Extreme Defecating
Extreme Skip Roping
Extreme Hamper Jumping
Extreme Exorcism
Russian Ultra - Extreme Jumping
Extreme Cheddar

The Extreme White Male

The extreme white male

The word "extreme" has taken on a whole sub-culture of upper class white suburban young males who have an extreme need to show their extremeness by doing totally tough male macho "extreme" things like towing boats and shopping at the mall for board shorts. They honesty believe this will hide their blatant faggotry from the world. The most confused also like to be wiggers, which contradicts itself in that actual black people are afraid of pick-up trucks. Whitey fails again.

Your typical extreme male is 16-21 years old, shops at PacSun or some other equally overpriced fag store where he purchases a pair of board shorts, sandals and a sweatshirt with some extreme saying on it like "NorCal", for Over 9000 dollars. The extreme male also says things like 'dude' and 'totally' and 'totally extreme, dude' way more than what is required or needed in the English language.

He then drives the extreme male's manifestation of his real manhood, his lifted truck.

Extreme Lifted Trucks

Clearly not gay.
Stephen Hawking's own EXTREME LIFTED TRUCK

The extreme lifted truck was created by nigras at least 100 years ago so that white good ol boys couldn't tie them with a rope to a tailgate as easily, being most good ol boys are short fat rednecks and the height differential would confuse them. In an ironic twist of fate, the white man figured out those trixy nigra's scheme and quickly embraced the lifted truck, making it their flagship vehicle of ultimate whiteness. The nigras have been pissed off ever since, having yet another thing stolen from them from teh man.

It is with these lifted trucks, that they are supposedly used for going offroading to do extreme white male things like snowboarding and driving far off the roads to cook meth and have gay secks where teh man won't find you.

However, some argue, every extreme lifted truck has been too faggoted out to be used for anything useful, much less to the srsly extreme.

Chromed out, leather upholstered, custom paint and trim cannot be damaged by the extreme white male, for his daddy who paid for the truck would rape him. Instead the extreme white male can be seen driving around suburban shopping areas and High Schools at high rates of speed, blasting Fall Out Boy or 50 Cent while drinking Mt. Dew Extreme. When his daddy lets him take his dirtbikes out, he usually breaks a leg or damages his skull, because the extreme white male is too macho for safety and helmets which are only used by fags and Jews. The extreme white male's daddy then immediately sues the Japanese manufacturer of the bikes as well as the property owner that his fag son was trespassing on when he got pwned by gravity, thus pulling an "extreme move" for profit.

It's also interesting to note that owners of Extreme Lifted Trucks often live in states where owning an Extreme Lifted Truck can cause Extreme Butthurt at the hands of responsible officers of the law. Behold the proud owner of a Dodge Ram getting his truck impounded because it's unsafe to drive a blinged-out version of the Killdozer through a school zone. You pretty much pay extra money to have your shit taken away from you.

Owners of Extreme Lifted Trucks post pictures of them on online so they can e-compare who has a bigger shinier tail pipe.

Nerd Talk

The word "extreme" is often used by gamer nerds to make their ultimate move in Pokemon sound more awesome than the sex they will never get. Also found in forums and other hang outs of fat basement dwelling virgins.

It is also used by tech geeks for shit no one cares about, like software.

Extreme Sex

See: List of sex moves.

This is something that people who use the word extreme regularly will never experience.

Extreme Politics

No, that's not a penis on the right. Just enlarge (lol) the picture

Consists of people with political philosophies that only make sense to retards. Usually hippy douchebag liberals that worship Stalin secretly while empowering their minority maids with their small Jewish cocks. Or insanely religious fucktards that preach the morality of God and evils of pornography and freedom, and then go home and have sex with 13 year old boys or rape dogs for sport.

Feminists are in their own level of fucktardedness in extreme politics, believing that anything with a penis will completely rape them, their mom, your mom and the cat at any time.

In countries that are not America, and therefore irrelevant, Extreme Politics is much more hands on and fun to watch.

Terrorists have been the most sneaky and pwning players in Extreme Politics since like fuckin' 8th grade. When they've been upgraded to have the cloak ability, they easily sneak into the enemy's base, especially if they have no Overlords, Turrets or Observers in critical areas. If there is a nuclear silo attached to the Command Center, the terrorist can easily pwn the enemy with an "extreme move" and give the player much lulz.

Extreme political move by random bike rider

Al Quaeda pwned America in extreme politics by using their Scourges of all things. Unfortunately for them, they ran out of Vespene Gas to do anything else and America pulled a Zerg rush in retaliation.

Terrorists are a serious cause of anti-lulz though because they are total attention whores, worse than 16 year old girls that are pro-ana.

Extreme Politics drama whores:

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