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What TF2 players do at the official blog.
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
Swedish air force instructs LiveJournalers how to refresh their friends page - F5, yo.
The F5 key can crash a school server. Fact.

F5 is the key that you mash on your keyboard to refresh the page until the letters are probably rubbed off or covered in chicken grease.


In Akron, Ohio a 13 year old boy was charged with a felony for creating a website which linked to his school's page asking people to hit F5 repeatedly to crash the school's server. Any idiot would know that all this would do is slow down the site, but not the Akron police.



It could also be used in a Powerpoint to View Show. This is F5 in its larval, benign stage.

People who use F5

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