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Appropriate usage.
Self explanatory.

FFS is a beautiful acronym often used to express pure frustration in a lazy form for those of you retards that can't type faster than 30 words per minute. For Fuck

Sake is timeless, likely even preceding the advent of the word fuck. How is this possible? Fuck you, that's how.



FFS can be used in a myriad of ways as it is always there for you when you need to express your frustration at someone's sheer retardedocity. When the drivel someone

is spilling from their fat cocksucker causes your brain to freeze, FFS is there for you to respond with.


FFS, you heard Broccoli Dog.
Shut up FFS and suck that inviso-cock.
  • Resigned
    • Prima: Jews did not do WTC, they are an oppressed people who were dealt a bad hand.
    • Secunda: Think whatever you want FFS, your stupidity is a blight on our beloved intertubes.
  • Question
    • Prima: Glenn Beck is a well-informed and knowledgeable pundit.
    • Secunda: Just for once can you try thinking before opening your cocksucker FFS?
  • All Encompassing
    • Prima: Blah blah blah, anything.
    • Secunda: FFS shut up.

Other Shit FFS Stands For

FFS has been bastardized by a number of others since its inception when God created it on the second day. These people are doing it wrong.

  • Freedom From Smoking
  • Fertility and Family Survey
  • Flash File System
  • Facial Feminizing Surgery
  • Fee For Service
  • Fighting for Survival
  • Frente Federativo Sindical
  • For Future Study
  • Frenetically Fornicating Stallions
  • Family Financial Statement
  • Final Fantasy Seven
  • Furry Fuck Site

If you see anyone using FFS in this bastardized and unfortunate fashion, feel free to take appropriation action.

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