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Those FUCKING GAMESTOP! employees

FUCKING GAMESTOP! is a typical greentext thread starter regularly found on /v/ where gamers tell about a usual bad experience they've had at GameStop. Generally real experiences are mixed in with over the top stereotypical nerd experiences that involve spaghetti falling out of pockets, mass vomiting, bursting into treats and realizing you are a bear.

The reason there are so many of these threads is because gamestop is a shit hole which run by virgins and neckbeards. However, by law at least one under qualified female is hired per store-not for their knowledge of video games but their bra size and Hooters experience. GameStop is the most evil corporation in the world. They buy back used videogames for less than a dollar and then proceed to sell them back at ten times that cost. However, it's quite ironic how people make these threads considering they will probably work there in the future (but hey, at least it's better then where you'll be working). I strongly advise you that if you are buying a video game, go to Wal-Mart to get it, even if the employee knows nothing about gaming and has just returned from the meat department after cutting off his own pinky.

Warning: When visiting GameStop, you will be surrounded by the smell of nerd-sweat. Enter at your own risk.


[-+]version one

>walk into Gamestop

>ask for a copy of Atelier Totori


>spaghetti slowly drips from my pockets

>oh fuck not again

>face gets red

>"Please give me a copy of Atelier Totori right now."

>"I don't know what that is. What platform is it on?"

>struggling to contain my embarrassment

>clenching asscheeks together to hold in my shit

>voice reduced to a mumble

>"have money please alterlier torti give money please game"

>"Are you okay?"

>shit breaches through my asscheeks

>propelled forward at 60mph

>crash through the Gamestop employee's counter

>he's holding onto me for dear life

>all the while spaghetti is flowing out of my pockets like fumes

>crash through the entire row of buildings in the strip mall, broken glass shards in my face


>Gamestop employee is covered in shit and spaghetti

>my pocket rocket shows no signs of stopping

>he tilts me backwards

>the sheer force of my shit has reached 650mph, we are now propelling upwards

>the spaghetti and shit intertwines and falls down to earth in glorious yellow and brown streams as we head towards the stratosphere

>children below frolic in the mess falling from my anus

>the g-force is causing my asscheeks to flap vigorously and create a gale

>spaghetti and shit blowing through the air on the planet below

>3 miles upwards now

>Gamestop employee has died from lack of oxygen, his body falls to the surface below and is shredded by the force of my shit

>my transformation is almost complete

>as I leave the atmosphere my bear hands sprout and my tail grows, acting as a rudder

>steer myself across the comsos with my gleaming shit and spaghetti trail



The best way to troll the store is doing a 'gamestop rental' which is the act of going to gamestop and buying "renting" a used game, completing the game and then returning it within 7 days for a full refund.

Doing it wrong:

>Go to GameStop

>Buy Halo Reach for $59.99

>Complete game

>Return 8 days later and not returning it within 7 days for a full refund

>Go batshit and sell it back to them pre-owned for $6.99 then they sell it for $49.99


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