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An anime Brian Peppers. How cool is that?

Face of the Future is a new website created by nerds researching in face recognition technology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The website basically allows you to take a picture of anyone (NORPs will generally upload a picture of themselves; rabid channers will generally upload pictures of memes) and turn yourself into something different. You can turn yourself into a nigra, a white boy, an azn or a Arab. More than just that though, you can turn yourself into a monkey, a Neanderthal or a Renaissance painting.

However, since we are all Weeaboo faggots, we all love the anime converter the best, because we all know that everyone, regardless of gender, age, race or disability, looks cute when they have eyes that big.

Note that the website starts BAWWWWWing whenever you upload a copyrighted picture, or pornographic content, as set out in its disclaimer. You can help by uploading as much porn into it as you can possibly find, as well as spamming the link to the site in every imageboard you know of, especially high-traffic ones like 4chan's /b/.

You need to allow popups from the site to be able to save the images in Firefox. This is because the people who are expected to use the site probably use Internet Explorer because they get out more IRL.

Apparently, the Face of the Future website is now used by over 3 million people across the globe and was brought to their attention by the UK television presenter Graham Norton and many others.



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