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FacelessMaster3003 is a Conservative homophobe fascist who is fuckbuddies with DBoyWheeler and PilgrimJohn, and likes to suck W's cock. He has a unhealthy understanding of the Bible and Christianity. He is also a 28-year old faggot who thinks that nothing he does is wrong, and he still lives with his mother, like so many other losers who are unable to hold onto jobs, or girlfriends.

Typical activity FacelessMaster takes part in

His work

He is a proud member of DeviantART and posts plenty of shitty poems in his gallery. He apparently has no idea how to write, as evinced by the poem below, found in his gallery. And sweet Raptor Jesus, does his work EVER suck.

It is interesting how life often throws

Many shattering and changing events

Often with the force of a powerful blow

Yet life can also throw some good

Our way in ways that can make even

Make the lowest of the low

As high and tall as everyone else

Ever Thoughtful

Ever Timeless

Ever There

That's life and with time one

Can rise once more

I know this well as others

Have tried to force me down

Yet I survive and will thrive

Ever Thoughtful

Ever Timeless

Ever There

That's where we are


— Apparently trying to prove how tough he is

And his emotastic whiny poem, which only proves just how much of a wuss he is. Why don't you, along with your fuckbuddies, do us all a favor and become An Hero

In The End

As The Darkness

Takes Me

I am nothing


— Well, what are you waiting for, dumbass? End it all!

He obviously has a fetish for GI Joe and Star Wars, and much of the shitty poems he writes is about either. He obviously fantasizes about being a macho man, when he obviously lives in his mom's basement huddled in the corner with the Bible clutched to his chest.

Apparently, DevianTART removed his work for whatever reasons, as can be seen in this poem of his, which he refers to DA as a whore [1] This begs the question... if you hate that place so much, then why do you keep letting them rape you?

Also, he has delusions of being a reporter, from his many journal entries which cover worthless things in his life... like anyone gives a rat's ass about his butthurt liek how omg his brother MAY have been exposed to tuberculosis, and how much his jobs sucked though now apparently he's in school again and can't pass without the help of TUTORS. His journals are filled with nothing but whining and him constantly referring to himself as a 'humble' reporter. Apparently he has no friends, or people are tired of his shitty poems and journals, since barely anyone comments on them. Hahaha.

Your and you're

He is completely and utterly incapable of using the words 'your' and 'you're' in the right way. Fucktard. He also writes runon sentences that make no sense and sounds like a nigga on Jenkem when he tries to write.

He has a account on Fanfiction.net here [2] where his lack of talent broadcasts itself in the forms of shitty fanfiction with the aforesaid runon sentences, and the characters constantly bawwing to themselves or one another.

Devil's Dance Saga: Three days after Dracula's waterloo a man filled with darkness comes and sets into motion a scheme which will ensnare not only Van Helsing but also Dracula as well, a man with ties not only to them but also...to Marishka.

Quote from above story... It was amazing how things changed when one flashed gold or some type of currency or valuable the man thought resisting the urge to sneer as he watched them suddenly stop glaring and offer him many different places to spend the night at, were it not for their previous glares he would have thought he had wound up in a place filled with people who actually had an ounce of goodness in them and not the greed he used to his own advantage.tl;dr, do not want

His fuckbuddies

He often comes to the rescue of his fellow conservative, Conservatoons,[3] praising him with nonsensical sentences whenever someone dares criticize his unfunny comic that clearly rips off The Farside’s style. He continues to tongue Conservatoon's ass with obviously sycophantic comments, despite the fact that both the former and the latter has no talent and no humor whatsoever.

However, he is unable to keep friends, as he has been dumped by one girlfriend after another after they realize what a failure he is, and his friends get tired of his whining and bullshit. He has to constantly move on to new circles, as he inevitably wears out his welcome wherever he goes.


His DevianTART page [4]

Shitty poem 1 [5]

Shitty poem 2 [6]

His account on Fanfiction.Net [7]

Myspace [8]

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