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The Story

'Dan Was Boobies' (aka 'The Big Bomb Story' or 'My Hot Wetdream') is an example of why you should be thankful that Facepunch Studios is not known for producing many memes, that is if you can even call this a meme, and what few it does create die before it can even spread to the rest of the internet. This epic tale originates from a thread written by a troll called The Big Bomb (aka Louie), who recalled a wet dream he never actually had and really just made up on the spot. Louie's poor choice of words, and the stupidly high levels of faggotry which occurred in the dream, amused the people who viewed the thread and resulted in hundreds of replies which all said the exact same thing:



—everyone who posted in that thread

The dream itself is actually pretty simple, Louie participates in raping some girl he doesn't know IRL along with 3 of his friends. However, Louie decided to tell the story like a retarded dyslexic, and went into detail about how he and each of his friends raped her.

Louie starts by explaining that he jammed his penis (which he calls a pregnancy stick) into the mouth of the unwilling girl, who is bound to a table in the clouds. Then his friends, James, Alec, and Dan, who join him, each picking a different part of her to rape. James fucks her in the ass, Alec goes for her pussy, leaving Dan with the tits. However, Louie decides to describe Alec's act of vaginal sex as being "up the vagina", which sounds like he actually climbed into her vagina and traveled into the depths of her womb. More importantly, he described Dan's titfuck by simply saying "Dan was boobies", as if he was actually a pair of breasts with a name. The girl also had a ball gag, but who really gives a fuck about any of this?

This leads to what at first appears to be awkward situation for Louie after he provides skeptics with a picture of some random girl on facebook which he claimed to be the rape victim. After warning the girl that Louie was a sick fuck, members of Facepunch assumed they had ruined Louie's life as he claimed she wouldn't talked to him anymore. Eventually, however, some of the more intelligent readers discovered that The Big Bomb's identity was false and that everything was a lie. Few people even noticed this, though, and continued to make jokes about Dan and Alec until the thread had produced so many anti-lulz that it was physically sickening to look at.

Which leads us to the question of how the fuck this story ended up here. Apparently, some fucktard thought it was so funny that it deserved to be mentioned alongside some of the internet's most beloved memes. First he went to post the story on Know Your Memes, who quickly rejected the horrifying abomination. After that he decided to come here, to Encyclopedia Dramatica, and thus you have the piece of shit that sits before you.

this is a story about the big bomb story. "the big bomb" made a new thread on facepunch in August 2007.it goes like this

"My dream include Me, my friend James, my friend Dan, and my friend Alec.

There is this fucking hot girl in our classes, and she is fucking dreamy.

My dream involved me sticking my pregnancy stick in her mouth, and forcefeeding her.

My friend James was ramming her up the ass.

Alec was up the vagina.

and Dan was boobies.

She was locked down to a table in the clouds, and had one of those red ball things in her mouth when I wasn't mouthraping her.

aww :jizz:

but the bad thing about it, is all day, every girl i see, i picture me doing that to her. solutions?"

then he posted an image of said girl File:Http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs137.snc3/18439 605075501923 24200658 35648789 1617544 n.jpg

then the kind users of facepunch found her facebook account [1]

then people started sending her links to the thread user diahreah was the first to post that he sent her the link user heavy artillery got a picture http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/7c4fafbe68.jpg

you never expected dan to be boobies.


Danisboobys, the original author of this article


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So in the end, Louis' life is fucked, Dan is boobies and Alec has yet to be heard from.

What a happy ending, or has the story only just begun?



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