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Upia, a member of FacePunch got this "brilliant and original" idea of making facepunch trading cards. If he got it from 4chan or not is unknown to us all. He says himself he got it from the Fp item collab thread The trading cards is related to everything between heaven and earth, but most is based on FP, its members and famous internet shit In total there is 153 of them at 21:31 GMT+2 19/11/06

Note that at least 100 of them are centered around Shoop da Whoop. That's because facepunch users are dumb and unfunny cunts.

Note: These links no longer work due to 1. Garry deleting old threads and 2. The website hosting the images got rid of them (dammit and I wanted to see them too)

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Revival of Facepunch: TCG

On the 18th of May 2008, fellow facepuncher SCopE500 thought it would be pretty lulzy to recreate the card making with a new start, by completely revamping it into a cool thing. Unlike the previous cards, these actualy had a new layout and actual rules (although they look an awful like Pokeman cards). Many Memes have been subject to be turned into cards (some lulzy, others complete shiet) as well as facepunch users making themselves as WMD ÜBER-CASH-GODLIKE cards of mass destruction though failing at the same time.

To date UTC 04:52:35 07/30/08, there are 444 individual cards for this version (proves the existence of obsesed card makers)

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