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Fae, showing his middle aged spread
Faaaaabulous at London Pride in 1991

Ashley Van Haeften (aka ) is a disgraced Wikipedia sysop, and notorious Wikipedia sockmaster, who also happens to be the chairman of a member of fired from Wikimedia UK's Board of Trustees.

Fæ was banned by ArbCom, and surrendered his sysop privileges after ArbCom found him to be overly hostile and overly insistent on including a pornographic link to a biography of a living person. After resigning his sysop bit under a cloud and being banned from Jimbo Wales' talkpage, Fæ resigned as chairperson of Wikimedia UK after the old media got hold of some of Fæ's kinky porn uploads.


Wikimedia Trolling

Sometimes Wikipedia's best contributors can also be its worst. This year's highest profile troublemaker was a Wikimedia UK board member (User:Fæ) whose behavior (including alleged legal threats against fellow editors and a semi-nude picture scandal) on Wikipedia and photo hub Wikipedia Commons became the subject of considerable controversy. In the end, Fæ was blocked from editing Wikipedia — but not from Commons, where he's active to this day.


Mashable.com, Identifying the real troublemaker

Indeed, Fae has remained extremely active on Wikimedia Commons, having applied for sysop and failing five fucking times. Fae was given a MacMini in exchange for staying the hell away from WMUK, a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation that encourages galleries, libraries and museums to donate materials to Commons. The Finnish Museum of Photography had offered its collection to Commons, but changed their minds after seeing Fae argue with an aspie over their choice of username.

Plagiarism and Copyright Violations

Fae got to know the salty, semen-like taste of irony when, after Flickr-washing over 9000 images stolen from various places on the internet, Fae himself suffered uploader's remorse and deleted several pictures of himself in various bondage scenes from Commons, but is now upset that the images are hosted here. In addition to stealing images, Fæ was busted for plagiarism at The Wikipedia Review.

Fae's Kinky Uploads

Banned by ArbCom

Fae was found to be overly hostile, openly hurling accusations of homophobia at anyone who dared criticize his additions of pornographic material and links to biographies of living people. Fae was so nasty, that he was banned from Jimmy Wales' talkpage after an argument turned sour. It also turned out that Fae had more socks than Sears.


Sockpuppetry being one of Wikipedia's many high crimes, it came to light during the ArbCom case that Fae had at least 100 sockpuppets. A fine example of the encyclopedic material contributed by this army of sockpuppets is the Wikipedia article "List of gay bathhouse regulars" (archive). His copious accusations of homophobia and refusal to disclose accounts he had previously used resulted in him being banned by Arbcom. Despite all this, Fae was appointed as the head cheese at Wikimedia UK. Remember that the next time you donate to Wikipedia.

Known accounts

Deletion of Fae's Wikipedia article

Because Wikipedia is not censored, Fæ's Wikipedian buddies deleted and locked his article, claiming that it was an "attack article". Was it an attack article? A screenshot of the article before it was deleted is shown below. You decide.


Fae and this article

Wikipedians help Fae from the cross. Moments later, he climbed back up

Fae loves the existence of this article, because he loves to play the victim when he is trolling, and he points to the appropriate categorization of this article as proof that we are homophobic, completely overlooking the fact that most ED staff are fags.

Hello "Badmachine", do you have anything to say about the attack page off-wiki that you are actively maintaining about me, where you label me as a faggot? --Fæ (talk) 23:00, 13 December 2012 (UTC)


Fae, lying through his British teeth

Miscellaneous lies

Update: Wikimedia contacted us with the following information regarding Ashley van Haeften: "It was presented in the media that Mr Van Haeften's ban from the English language Wikipedia was related to pornography. This isn't really true. He'd been subjected to a long campaign of harassment, both online and offline, and the ban resulted from his interactions with other editors while trying to deal with this, which some editors felt was inappropriate."


—Fae, lying to yet another reporter

@Nick-D, thanks for the feedback, however I believe you are being rather unfair on this criticism as you are referring to a batch upload project completed in February 2013, in fact the IWM uploads were my first project which I was motivated to start after the death of Aaron Swartz, and there have been many other better managed batch uploads since then. If you check the project pages above, I put a great deal of careful attention and cooperative discussion on how best to add useful categories, descriptions, metadata and find specific and useful file-names for my uploads. If you check my Commons talk page history I put significant effort into improving and testing alternatives when my fellow contributors raise concerns. For more relevant history, you may want to check my user page on this project where there are links to my past excellent FA and GA work before the Arbcom case.


—Fae, lying at RFAR and invoking the name of an hero

See also

  • Sam Blacketer – Another British Wikipedian with multiple past accounts who rose through the ranks.
  • Fae/Gayspunk, a small sampling of Fae's exploits as a cumdumpster

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