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FaeTian is a Canadian deviantartlet who likes Pirates of the Caribbean 2's incredibly important character Jimmylegs wayyyyy too much. Who the fuck is Jimmylegs? We found the answer and it was not pretty. FaeTian's beloved is none other than one of Davy Jones's ugly as fuck, half fish, gay ass, dead crewman. And when she is not drawing goddawful fanart of them sucking each other's herpes bumps, she spends her leisure time fucking horses, oh shit sorry I mean fucking up horses and drawing Naruto Sue!art. Cause the internet just doesn't have enough of it.

You know you want this

Her own words

Clarrissa explains it all
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All you need to know

FaeTian's love of hideous Disney monsters is akin to that of Disneyfan01 and also follows her retarded logic of loving the inner being despite the fact his penis is a million times bigger than you and may have actually living crabs on it. But FaeTian doesn't care that her OC might walk away with the worst fire crotch in history. Apparently she loved Jimmylegs before he was turned and she even gives him his own TL;DR background story. Yes, FaeTian has no problem sending her virgins off to be slaughtered by a monster penis. Her disturbing fetish for dead men seems to never be completely satisfied.

Not only is she madly in love with a dead guy but they are apparently married with five kids. And she still manages to suck his deformed dick, whisper to horses and save him from his fate. But despite this cripplingly bad pairing FaeTian somehow has fans. That's right kids, she draws original horse characters and Naruto fan characters. One must wonder about her mental state seeing the sporadic and demented fandoms she ships. Stop wondering, got eat sandwich instead. You will waste your life trying to figure out the reasoning behind this ass bag.

Fan following

Sad but true: this freak has a fan following of loyal dregs who think her Ashylegs pairing is Awwwwww!!1111 Just the cutest thing ever!111 FOR REAL!!! What must be understood about FaeTian's fans is that they are just as much of an outsider as she is. Their only hopes of ever finding love will be in the arms of an equally freaky loner who has no other options but to date these mantraps. So our only advice is to heed Admiral Ackbar: It's a TRAP!!

Just a few of her ass kissing fans:

davysgurl She likes tentacle rape She likes sucking Davy Jones' face Faetian's bestest fan buddy. She's Canadian too, WTF is in the water up there?

walkerhinari Can't really draw better than FT but at least they don't love a dead fish man.

soullostatsea Can't draw at all so she takes pictures

fallendevilyamiko A wannabe Jhonen Vasquez

oceans-inferno Loves dead fish men and recoloring horses too.

snapesgem Wants to be Snapesnogger so very badly.

elavoria Just some random pixie making cunt.

The Artist

Warning: This "art" will cause vomiting, near sightedness, athlete's foot, herpes and butt itch

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Here we have an example of a 'What I did for Summer Vacation' essay as written by Faetian.


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