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Example of fag hags flocking to a gay guy
Every faghag's dream shag.

A Faghag is a female who has a deep and retarded desire to fuck fags. Synonymous with "fruit fly" and "mental lethargy". There is a no difference between a faghag and girl with a lot of gay friends. Faghags are delusional heterosexual females who think even though they have a vagina, they will still be able to convince one of their faggot friends to date them.

The more traditional definition is that faghags are women who like the company of men but for one reason or another are so repulsive they can't get one of their own so they company around with queer guys.


This video is the ultimate depiction of everything a faghag is.

A great, yet very gay, example of a faghag is the "Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine" episode of Will & Grace (view the transcript here). In the episode, Will's current squeeze, Vince, has his faghag come over to meet Will and Grace. Retardation ensues, and Nadine tries to break up the relationship between Will and Vince. In the end, Grace sits Nadine down and explains she will never ever have Vince. That night, Nadine blows off Vince for dinner and has sex with a random man from the subway. The moral of the story is that because Grace realizes she will never have Will, she is not a faghag, and because Nadine is a stupid douche, she is a faghag. This in no way changes the fact that Will & Grace is a shit TV show.

Example 2: Fag Mommies

Fag Mommies (aka "Fag Moms") are Fag Hags whose ache for the company of faggots is so strong that they declare their own young sons to be fags. Some of these Fag Mommies are so obsessed with their kids' adopting faggotry that they out their kids on very public blogs. Examples include:

  • Kelly Byrom, who subjects her kid to a lifetime of googleshame on HLNtv.com.

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