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Backflip fail.gif This page so horribly fucking FAILS!!!1!
But it's funny when we do it on purpose amirite?

Possibly the best only good picture on the site.

The Fail Blog is another sister site to I Can Has Cheezburger? containing pics, videos and comments dedicated to Fail. Although unlike DeviantART, LiveJournal and WikiFur they do it intentionally, the Fail Blog is further proof you can fail at failing.

Although the site is dedicated to human misery, a common way to troll the 'Fail Blog is to suggest that a picture is fake - after which the word fail itself will be thrown back and forth like monkeys throwing shit at each other.

Rank of FAIL

If 4chan and ED are the Final Bosses of the internet then Fail Blog is the wannabe wigger kid desperatly trying to increase the size of his e-penis. Wigger boy's name is Ben Huh, huh. Although you need a sense of schadenfreude to enjoy the site - because it's got the same users as Icanhazcheezburger the users are pussies who can't handle shock sites while those who enjoy real sadism are busy fapping to guro and find the site too weak.

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  2. 4chan
  4. SomethingAwful
  5. YTMND
  6. Ebaumsworld
  7. Uncyclopedia

(last) FailBlog

Reported block

As of Monday, July 27 2009 12:69 EST Failblog has been blocked by AT&T, Comcast and AOL internet service providers. The block is nation wide and appears to be foe the same legal reasons of which recently 4Chan /b/ was blocked.






Look at all this fabulous FAILURE!

Burn of the Week

Burn of the Week is where the users will attempt to out-do one another in a flame war where the word Fail, phail, fale and PHAILE will be used over and over again.


I masturbated to this!


—Probably to the pic of the naked guy with his ass in the air

dude this happens all the time. its not fuckin funny. this happened to my friend and he fell flat on his face and broke his nose. poor guy.


I think your friend is masturbating wrong.


Because my screencap is fucked up.

Trolling Fail Blog

The most common way to troll Failblog is to reply 'Did he die?' to any video. This meme is specific to Failblog, and whenever it is posted, a dozen people will respond telling you to STOP FUCKING ASKING THAT FUCKING QUESTION. Amazingly easy trolling.

The easiest way is posting a wall of text in the comments since as of this point there is no character limit on comments, or accusing somebody else of being a troll. These people live for comment chains of puns, mostly referencing past fails, because they're a bunch of fucking morons who think they're clever. If you break up their list of totally awesome references that prove they've followed Fail Blog for a while, they don't appreciate it. Commenting "failblog fail" will also get some lengthy response, granted you post it in the first handful of comments said fail gets.

The other way is to post a stupid question on Yahoo! Answers , let some comments build up, then submit it to Fail Blog. Similar to submitting a blatantly obvious Photoshop picture of fail, the Fail Blog masses will eat this up and have lengthy discussions about your YA submission. In fact, obvious YA trolling questions make up half the featured fails on Fail Blog. Seriously, go look, ones on the front page right now.

tl;dr - Fail Blog is somewhere between the Soulja Boy Tellem Chat and Chris-Chan in terms of trolling difficulty.

Commenting notes

  • Comments are postmoderated. This means your last measure links will receive much attention and only then deleted. Post to recent threads.
  • failblog is merely a customized yet another wordpress blog, and wordpress silently eats comments it doesnt like. Assure your comment been published.
  • It has ability to block particular anon's comments by display-name, case-insensitive, whitespace-compressing. Choose next name, previous was unfunny, anyways.
  • Most popular comment on failblog is "FIRST!!!!1". If you post anything else some faggot will remind you about it. This post receives more attention than all subsequent. Earning pole position is rather hard because of shitload of pretenders. Resort to technical tricks.
  • Masking as another anon is near impossible, because avatar pictures are md5 hashed of email address.


The Fail Blog community mainly consists of people trying to increase the size of their epeen that like to scream LUZLZ FAIL!11!111 often, thinking that they're being cool on the internet, when really they're just the same typical 13 year old boy douche. They also like to use cookie cutter Youtube Poop Memes which are terrible and are not used anywhere else.

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