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Family Guy Funny Moments will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Family Guy Funny Moments is a title given to any existing compilations of Family Guy on YouTube. Much like the show, this "meme" is quite the opposite of what the title implies; being an unfunny, repetitive, and all-around shitty attention-grab used by newfags who want moar subs in order to boost their e-peen. There are literally thousands of these videos, and each one of them scores at least 100K views with an immeasurable cesspool of 13-year-old fuckwits who are still Learning to Internet and spamming whatever popular Vine that was shat out that week.

Fucking Photoshop

Last Thursday, the internet was plagued by a horrific trend straight outta Tumblr. Tumblrfags left and right began uploading photoshopped logos and artworks with the text being replaced with the phase "Family Guy Funny Moments". Despite originally being a piss-take on the never-ending supply of amateur JewTube compilations, it turns out this fad was even more of an epic fail than the actual videos.

And then the meme died.

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