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Fascism, or more likely Facism (if you're a retarded 12-year-old on the interweb) is a form of dictatorial power structure that is strongly regimented and looks to stamp out any and all opposition to it, much like the business plan for Microsoft Windows, and it gets thrown around any time said 12-year-old is buthurt and banned from a site because, in their mind, their ideas and interpretation of the First Ammendment are so revolutionary that any organized, for profit website seeks to stamp them out.

Much like how the words Nazi, Liberal, or Communist get thrown around in an attempt to make the user's Butthurt final post from a website seem intelligent and well thought out, Facism is used by the same ignorant of the world, no knowledge of history, bad-spelling 12-year-old to make their point that they are quitting a website seem more legitimate and, usually, as a claim that their civil liberties were somehow infringed upon despite the United States Supreme Court saying that a website has the right to choose what content it will keep and what content it will burn like witches stacked up as cord wood in Salem Massachusetts.

How To Battle Facism With A Keyboard

File:Destroyer of fascism.jpg
The keyboard freedom fighter
  • Find a website that disagrees with your views, for instance, go onto a Christian site and spout Satanism.
  • Ignore all warnings from the mods that you are on thin ice.
  • Get suspended
  • When suspension is over, go into long winded letter where you admit to Your butthurt by using overused cliches such as:
  1. They're Afraid of change
  2. They Refuse to accept new ideas
  3. they're trapped in the past
  4. You have a right as an Americunt to say what you want.
  5. Drop the name Hitler a minimum of 6 times in your letter
  6. The site's refusal to hear your ideas and actively suppress them proves that it is Facist
  •  ???
  • Profit

Well Known Facist Websites

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica: It's spelled out in our TOS.
  • Stormfront: Duh
  • Hell, Any game site that is populated by 12-year-olds.
  • Any site with a liberal agenda such as CNN or Sites owned by CBS
  • The internet as a whole.

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