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With Richard Simmons.

The Big Kahuna's Fat 30 was a lulzy radio show hosted by The Big Kahuna on Sea FM/CFM in Australia, which was also broadcast on the internets. It existed to troll the hell out of everyone who called it. Annoying tweenies regularly rang the show thinking it was teh lol only to be deemed unfunny and hung up on, often reducing them to tears. It was shut down by the man on a few occasions for defamation only to be returned in all its glory a few weeks later.

The Prize Pigs

A dedicated group of teenagers who named themselves The Prize Pigs would spend 3 hours a night listening carefully to The Fat 30 waiting to hijack every prize on offer. Occasionally when a major prize was up for grabs these few people would be the only ones getting through on the phone lines, causing lulz for all involved. Some of the prizes were very expensive, such as $1,000 cash, which they spent on hookers and blow, well, milkshakes and lollipops, they tended to be 13 years old.

An ongoing competition on The Fat 30 was CD's of the week in which the topic and the two CD's given as prizes were changed every week. Each day about 3 people won this an of course, the Prize Pigs each won once a week, gathering themselves huge collections of CDs they didn't like/want.

Net Night

What are you waiting for huh? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

Every Wednesday night there was an IRC channel designated for listeners to meet up and win prizes. Pretty soon however, it was completely overrun by The Prize Pigs, who became to the tubes what Bubba is to jail. They soon realized they could combine their awesome phone skillz and every net night would clog the phone lines during the shout outs segment.

They would flood the phone lines with specific Fat30:IRC memes the most prominent of which was an audio clip from I know what you did last summer where Jennifer Love-Hewitt screams "What are you waiting for huh? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!". It was also common later on in the IRC's existence to play The B-52's Love Shack as Big K. hated that song with a fiery vengeance.

The Downfall

All was well until one fateful day when CFM hired infamous whore [ttp://www.myspace.com/reneeaustralia Renee Peterson] to co-host the show. This bitch is the definition of anti-lulz, turning what was an offensive and funny show into trendy garble for 16 year old girls.

The Big Kahuna was eventually fired and replaced with some dickhead named Matty Acton and the show was re-named The Hit List. It now plays trendy hip-hop bullshit, the exact crap the Big K. purposely kept out of the program.

Recently The Shit List had a competition with The Bench warmers in which whomever had the least MySpace friends by the end of the week would be slaves to the other. By the hand of God himself, The Benchwarmers won


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