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"Congrats on your awesome new game, Sony. I'm positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes."


Melissa McEwan, (former blogger for the John Edwards presidential campaign lol) demonstrating why sarcastic fat girls don't go to the prom., [1]

Performance Art depicting American influence on Global Society.

Sony Entertainment, ruler of evil-doer Korea, let slip during the last E3 that it was developing a new game clearly marketed to the fetishist demographic.

She's Fat Princess, the star of Sony's upcoming video game of the same name. Debuting at last Thursday's E3 expo, the colorful Fat Princess is a capture-the-flag game with a twist: you can thwart capture attempts by locking the once-thin princess in a dungeon and stuffing her full of cake, thereby increasing her girth and making her harder for your enemies to haul back to home base. WTF?!

There are other unique, fun, and interesting gaming elements to it, but nobody gives a shit.

Fat Princess and the Internet

Just like anything else in the modern world, Feminists everywhere are up in arms with butthurt over Fat Princess and have spewed their penis-hating blather onto the internet, complete with half-assed attempts at pretending to be smart enough to operate a keyboard. It's a rare occurrence that you can make one of the sweating, heaving, mounds of flesh put down the fucking fork long enough to make protesting noises. E-scientists have put forward a theory on why feminists, who by definition are fat, are blasting a game starring a fat chick.

"They're just being pissy cuz(sic) they're not the ones in the dungeon getting to eat all that cake. You know they want it."


—KiriDomo, stating the fuck-obvious.

Another laments...

"Honestly, and women used to be something of attractiveness and general utility. Now they're just whimpering bitches who have forgotten to make sammiches."


—SliverGod speaks the truth

Downloadable Crap

Last Thursday the game developers released an update for Fat Princess which added three new classes players could dick around with and generally be a useless piece of shit: A giant, a pirate and a ninja. The Fat Princess forums were filled with people bawwing about the classes being broken and having to wait to use them, but because Fat Princess is old and gay, not a shit was given that day. At any rate, the game is now fap material for macrophiles and chubby chasers.

Fetish Game

Chubby-chasers are creaming their pants right now

The sick fucks at BBWChan have a thread on this game found here.[2]

It's only a matter of time before your games are rated D for dickgirls.

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