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Fat Son is a comic based meme that seems to be inspired by one of its predecessors, I am disappoint. The Fat Son comics, usually, contain four panels exhibiting a lonely man who is walked in by his father while doing some activity that a weeb would do and ends up disappointing his aforementioned father, due to his confirmation of being a waste of sperm.


The stare that says, "Son, you should have done something with your life."

Sadly, we do not have a legitimate name for the author, which means he's another Anonymous who likes to hang out on the infamous 4chan (most notably on /v/ and possibly /a/). For a small portion of time, the artist hung around boards and waited for the best opportunities to upload his comics. Some say that the creator is a true Anon since he doesn't use a trip and actually uploads original content.

Preaching the Truth

The Fat Son comics have a trait about them that not many other memes have: they're truthful. In the comic we see the typical interaction between a neckbeard and his normal father. This ends with us witnessing how the son can not fathom how to properly react to his father's remarks about his interests, thus gives a failed attempt of showing off the greatness of Japan to his father. This comic is actually based on the life of every weeaboo and their interactions with their parents. The panels of these comics are windows into the lives of a major portion of America's youth and shows the terrible fact that the country has gone to hell.


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