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Fatass Denial is the LULZy opposite of anorexia: it's when fat fucking hambeasts live in total denial of their bloated existence. They often have blogs reeking of this fat mentality, which generates big fat LULZ

Tubby skanks like Jessica Sheldon (University of Florida '14) (aka Jes Sheldon) went topless offering to guzzle cum on command in 2011.

Here are some of these bloggers:

Jessica Kane

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Protip: Eat less food, spend the money you will save on some clothes that fit

So deep in denial that she thinks she has an 'apple shape'. However, the effect that gravity has upon apples (making them fall from trees) is markedly different to the effect that it has upon Jessica (i.e., a bellybutton level with her knees, an extra pair of tits on her shoulderblades, and thighs that look like those columns of uncarved kebab meat). Which is ironic because just a few pounds more and Jessica will be on the verge of acquiring a measurable gravitational field of her own.

Her denial is not verbal, but visual. She 'models' clothes for other obese wimminz, maintaining that she looks hott, when in fact she looks like a gift-wrapped hippopotamus. Her denial is best summed up in her slogan: "100% real. No filters. No photoshop." This is so horribly obvious that she doesn't need to point it out to anyone who is not a wheezing, wobbling, deluded blob. Sample comments from her reviews include:

Miriam Lazewatsky

obese Miriam Lazewatsky claims her fatness is a 'social construction' SRSLY
Miriam Lazewatsky: drinking to ease the pain of her flabby ass.

Miriam Lazewatsky blogs her fatass denial at http://atheologist.tumblr.com (and, since the cunt obviously can't STFU between gobbles of CAKE, longer rantings can be found at http://theinbetweenie.wordpress.com and vomiting out her shit on twitter (@ms_meems) http://twitter.com/ms_meems). What makes this moron especially funny is that SHE THINKS SHES BLOGGING ANONYMOUSLY...as a result, various confessions she's made about her pitiful fat fucking self are now blasted across teh internet:

Thanks to her obesity, obscentity-laden blogs, we now know all about:

  • How Miriam Lazewatsky gorged herself into a health crisis...yet STILL insists that you can have Health At Every Size (HAES)...dumbcunt
  • How Miriam Lazewatsky BLOGGED that she uses the same lube as her parents (ew, just EW!)
  • How Miriam's mommy Audrey Lazewatsky got half her brains blown out...but Miriam's the one with the DAIN BRAMAGE!

But a quick scan of Miriam Lazewatsky's blog shows she hits all the bases for fat mentality: she blames society for being called a fatass (rather than her FAT FUCKING ASS), she backstabs people on her blog, then screams VICTIM!!1 when the lying fat fuck gets found out, she blames the BANK for her bouncing checks (rather than, oh, her lamebrain's inability to do ARITHMETIC). (All that and MOAR can be found here and here)


Margitte Kristjansson (UCSD Cummunications Department)

Margitte Kristjansson (aka Margitte Leah Kristjansson) studies Communications at UCSD...but somehow EPIC FAILs to understand the simple sentence: "GO ON A FUCKING DIET, LARDASS!!"

Meet 337 pound fatass Margitte L. Kristjansson, who blogs at RIOTSNOTDIETS.com. Hilariously, this fatass denial blogger weighs in at a PORKING 337 pounds. Yet she just keeps NOMing down that cake...and, since fatchicks are known to suck a mean cock, [Margitte Kristjansson] gulps down the jizz of gallons of San Diego fratboys.

Jenn Leyva (FatSmartAndPretty.com)

Jenn Leyva, who blogs at fatandtheivy.tumblr.com, obviously slurped cum until she got fat.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, where can I find some FUCKING CAKE???" --Fatass Denial Blogger [Jenn Leyva] (Columbia '12)

Porker Jenn Leyva (Columbia College '12) rationalizes her bloated fucking ass at fatsmartandpretty.com. Jenn Levya also posts fatporn, including this pic, on her blog. Needless to say, Jenn Levya stole her blog-name from another skankwhore, Lena Chen; and, like Lena Chen, Jenn Levya just loves slurping jizz--so much that the whore is thisclose to bursting!

I'm fat. Not "does this dress make me look fat?" fat, but eligible-for-weight-loss-surgery morbidly obese deathfat. I've been fat for as long as I can remember, but the first time I remember my size being an issue was at a check-up. I was 8 years old, and after plotting my height and weight in one of those grids, my pediatrician had one of those "talks" with my parents and me. I was too heavy for my height and age, so he presented me with a Xeroxed list of 10 "helpful tips" for eating.


—Jenn Leyva, who nonetheless tries to rationalize her inability to STOP SHOVING FOOD IN HER ENORMOUS PIEHOLE

Stephanie Vincent

Stephanie Vincent who blogs at radicalhateloss.com...apparently loves donuts more than she hates the FAT on her fucking ham azz.

Stephanie Vincent blogs at radicalhateloss.com. Which is pretty funny, since she obviously LOVES being a hambeast...or, at least, she loves donuts too much to shut her fucking piehole and go on a diet!

The Tummy Project

Oh, jesus:


This is my tummy. I love it, because I’m fairly certain it’s not going anywhere. I haven’t always loved it, but I figured out that I didn’t hate it because of the way it looked to me. I hated it because I let other people dictate how I felt about it: it ceased to be my own. My tummy has changed very little, whether it’s been attached to a serious athlete or a waitress who eats a free hamburger at work every day. It’s soft and squishy and sometimes people like to tickle it and sometimes people like to be CONCERNED FOR MY HEALTH about it. I’ve defended its existence to family members. I’ve filled it with ill-advised 3am munchie creations. Boyfriends have blown raspberries on it. It’s hiked and biked and rowed and swam all over the place. Once in India I had food poisoning and my host mother rubbed oil on it (something about “drawing out the heat”). It’s part of the physical landscape upon which my life and relationships have unfolded, and that’s why I love it. I love it because it’s mine and nobody else’s.


Typical fat bitch Kath Barbadoro rhapsodizing about her beastly belly on The Tummy Project


This is my tummy and I'm not afraid to show it


—fat Brazilian bitch who needs to STFU, rather than cram more jelly donuts into her pie hole

2014 FuglyCunt Danielle Keats Citron HATES this page!

Danielle Keats Citron is not a fatass, but the FUGLY cunt is no friend of ED...

In 2014, this page made HISTORY by being included in the 2014 book by fuckuglycunt Danielle Citron, "Hate Crimes in Cyberspace" (Harvard University Press, 2014), page 257!!1


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