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FACT: the genius behind Faye

Faye006 is fictional creature from the The Promised Land multiverse. EDiots argue that Faye is a sockpuppet; which is confusing, because sockpuppets are by definition not humans. Faye006 describes itself as, "...a puppet with an interest in evolutionary psychology", which is basically bullshit since all Faye is interested in is drama. Faye006 is also an EDiot with a not so topsekrit account.

Faye began as a minor character on LiveVideo, but gradually developed into one of the central sockpuppets of the video sharing site. Faye006 is a cunt who is convinced she is destined for stardom and nothing is going to stand in her way. Faye presents a public face of the soul of feminine charm, but can instantly fly into a violent rage whenever she thinks she's insulted or thwarted by users as such as Victor1st. For example, KyHell has learned this all too well since he is the usual target for her karate chops. When she isn't sending bulletins through the air she is often smothering askthetyrant with (unwanted) advice.

Faye006 is the brainchild of the LiveVideo Community Manager, Jeremiah Minsberg, who also does the movements and the voice of the puppet, along with editing and uploading the footage and otherwise interacting with users on the site in the guise of the puppet. The puppet is a ploy to generate interest among the community because of the lack of anything remotely interesting content-wise coming from the community itself. The community members largely believe that Faye006 is not affiliated with LiveVideo, stupidly believing that anyone not somehow affiliated with LiveVideo would actually post that much on the site. Faye006 generally makes fun of users on the site in hopes that it generates discussion and lulz among the few real users of the site. Faye006 has not yet been exposed as a lonelygirl15 type ploy, and the non "power" users on the website are completely unaware that Faye006 is not a real member of the community, but an employee of LiveVideo. Faye006 (Jeremiah) has also given preferential treatment to several members of the LiveVideo community, including, but not limited to, StevieRyan (who was guaranteed preferential treatment, and perhaps payment, by defecting to LiveVideo from YouTube), Caveman, Victor1st, PDuff, PeriUrban, SaboCatGirl, and other prominent members of the community. Faye006 should be considered one of the many fake vloggers and fake accounts that LiveVideo employs to generate interest in the site. See the main LiveVideo article for more on the fake vloggers they employ, and fake accounts they have set up.


When asked if the puppeteer was a 40 year old virgin, he replied "I have not yet turned 40.




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