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feem (aka 'get away from me' and 'oh my god please no') was an ex-bantown operator and hunchbacked Jew with a penchant for hookers and sodomy. He'd be into blow too if he didn't continuously max out his credit cards on camwhores in a futile and desperate effort to abate the terrible, black loneliness he felt inside.

July 4, 2010 feem died in a tragic car crash. He was a magnificent creature, it is sickening to imagine his fall from grace. Needless to say, he was taken too soon and will be missed ;_;

Also, he got killed because he nuked 420chan servers.

Oh look, it's that guy

As a child feem had many little ditties written and sung about him, such as:

feem, feem, go away, because the very sight of you fills us with dread and despair
You're feem, so we scream, for you are a hideous pervert who is constantly trying rape and murder us

Stranger Danger

feem was a stranger even unto himself. If you were to encounter a shuffling hunchback moaning about root access and molestation, run away, run far away.


 01:14 <@feem> seriously, fucking pancake on a motherfucking stick


feem is confirmed to have owned a Camaro.

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