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With help from Denny's, Duncan was arrested. He never got to finish his steak and eggs.

"The only cure for crime is Love."[1] According to blogger fifthnail, "Everything else is just more crime." Poetic words indeed, but fifthnail is legendary sick fuck Joseph E. Duncan III, whose idea of "love" is to kidnap white children, but not before allegedly smashing their parents' skulls in with a hammer as if he were playing some sort of demented meat xylophone.

Joseph E. Duncan III is no stranger to the law- around the age of 17 he was sent to prison for 18 years for an as yet undisclosed crime [2]. It was at this time he turned to God, not to atone for his wrongdoings, but because it’s easier to get into NAMBLA if you’re a Jew.

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