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Warranted self-importance


Over the years, there has been much debate as to who the Final Boss of the Internet might be. Joseph Evers? The IWF? Anonymous? Tim Berners-Lee? Maddox? Josef Fritzl? Girugamesh? House? Al Gore? Offended? lulz turtle? Techno Viking? You? It's one of the Internets' greatest and most endearing unsolved mysteries.

The term "Final Boss of the Internet" has seen application on the *Chan imageboards for a considerable while now. Still, we are no closer to deciphering the true identity of this individual.

It is thought that the term "Final Boss of the Internet" originates from himself/herself (see: Rule 37)/itself, in order to alert us of their presence. This is believed by the same types who think the New World Order is coming and it shall be ushered in by the Reptile-Men. It most likely 13-year-old boys who are still obsessed with video games. The problem is, seeing the Internet as anything but a serious style video game is a very bad idea, because the Internet is serious business, and some of the things you do and say on the Internet can make the party van show up outside your door, unlike with your average computer game.

It could also come from this bash quote that is at least 100 years old.



Our dedicated research team at Encyclopedia Dramatica looked into this linguistic phenomenon. Or they would if they could. Even though the Internet is a game, it is a second hand one as noone has an instruction book. Therefore, for most players, progressing through this game is nigh impossible. We may just have to wait until some brave soul beats the Final Boss with 100% and posts a guide on GameFAQs. Or just hacks their modem with an Action Replay.

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