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False Flaggots are butthurt cry babies who engage in the activity of constantly false flagging videos (usually off of jewtube) in an attempt to cover up what ever lulzy fuck up(s) that they created and or to silence legitimate dissent.

Tactics of a Flaggot

The Flaggot’s modus operandi is to claim that the Flagee violated copyright in someway. Usually because whoever created the video uses a few seconds of a flaggot’s video to get whatever point they need to get across. Not caring that 9 times out of 10 the video is usually protected under “Fair Use” they whine and bitch to Mommy Jewtube. Mommy Jewtube usually sides with the flaggot just to shut their queer ass up.

When their first tactic fails the flaggot will then false flag it under “Hateful or Abusive Content”. Some may even get more desperate by creating as many dupe accounts as possible to increase the chances of said video getting taken down.

The flaggot naturally fails to take into account the Streisand Effect, in which multiple false flagging is more likey to backfire and get the video (or videos) moar popular because people are curious as to what the hubbub is about.

”Famous” Flaggots

Gorgeous George

According to George Driving a taxi for a living and being on a public access show that no one has heard of equals success

George Alexander Yarid is the founding father of False Flaggotry.

When George learned that his precious “Clippages” were being circulated around the internet back in 2002 he tried every dirty trick in the book to get them taken down. Around 2009 the first six “Why GG Sux” videos created by people on the Something Awful Forums had over a million views on Youtube. When youtube became Jewtube during that time it became much easier to get videos taken down. Seizing this opportunity GG grabbed his over sized office chair and ten boxes of ho hos and ding dong’s and spent all day false flagging the videos that he had no right to take down. a typical day for George

Here’s a quick summary of the flaggot.

The Gorgeous George Show is the equivalent of cutting off one of your limbs with a rusted olive fork. George Alexander Yarid, aka Gorgeous George (born July 16, 1968), is 48 and still lives in a tri-level house that he usurped from his deceased mother. It is a decent house in a decent neighborhood, but it's not the mansion George likes to say it is on TV. Gorgeous George used to deliver food for a living. Now he drives a taxi that he has to pay the company to drive.

George has been raping our eyes and ears for 18 years. It all started when he claimed he saw all of these racist shows on RCAN (a public access channel) and thought it was missing a man with a deficit in terms of talent.

Over the years he has done a ton of lulzy things including harassing people on the internet he claims he doesn’t care about, sue people for copyright infringement when he frequently uses or steals various songs and comedic bits to use on his show, claims he’s not fat, he gave a whore in Las Vegas a wedding ring which in turn she pawned for meth, claims he’s straight yet he was caught sucking dick at a gloryhole in a gay bar called Fielden’s, etc. If I went on about all the funny things he’s done this would be as long as War & Peace. The point is he’s a huge ball of fail and makes Chris Chan look like Betty White in regard to ego.

Mike MaGAY

Mike Matei frequently gets hard from his excessive AVGN powers. Notice how uncomfortable Inspector Gadget looks.
Even in a leather jacket you still look like a dork

Mike Matei is the Joseph Goebbels side of the AVGN team. When a person dislikes one video he disables ratings. When several people criticize James’ videos in the comments section he disables that and when there is too much dissent he’ll either delete the video or sets it to private.

However when anyone makes a video about der Führer the fury comes swift and hard as he’ll say the video violates copyright.

When MaGay is not being James’ lap dog he is making videos that are equally as untalented as Gorgeous George. Like Gorgeous George Mike gets most of his sense of humor from a Kindergarten playground where they think saying boobs and penises 9000 times equal Uber lulz.

Both AVGN and non-AVGN fans hated these videos causing instant butthurt with Mike. He then took down the videos however many people reuploaded them causing Mike to go into uber Führer mode terminating over 9000 accounts.


Carey Martell training for the next false flagging competition.

Jfreedan AKA Carey Martell is a self-important hypocritical twat on Jewtube who believes you should be sent to the Gulag for uttering the word JRPG. A few years back some OCD nerd named Joey Roo(aka ClanoftheGreyWolf) said that the term JRPG is not racist. Since Jfreedan has a ego the size of Jewpiter he thought the video was about him(even though Roo never once mentioned him) and went on a 20 minute butthurt tirade about how Roo was wrong and he was right. What followed was immediate lulz because more than a 100 people made video responses condemning Jfreedan as a divider and a hypocrite.

Since Carey believes he is the creator of the Earff and the human race he commanded Jewtube to delete every video that didn’t kiss his diarrhea ridden asshole and it was carried out.

How to bypass a false flaggot

A false flaggot usually thinks they can rule a video sharing site with a iron fist but there are other ways to upload videos and have them be seen.

1. Rename the videos. If you change the name of the video and the tags that the flaggot won't be able to recognize that is usual enough to get under the flaggot’s radar.

2. Upload them to a site that the flaggot doesn't frequent. list of video sharing sites on wikipedia

Foreign sites like tudou.com are good to use because getting video false flagged from their is near impossible.

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