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Screamerreaction.jpg FlashFlashRevolution looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
Look out for unfunny Uncyclopedia bullshit, boring in-jokes, and angsty teen-ery.
You could also add in actual humor.

Typical FFR loser

Flash Flash Revolution Inc, or FFR for short, is an online flash-based rhythm game that has over 1,700,000+ spambots registered to it while its active userbase only makes up 0.005% of that number (lol). Instead of being played with your feet (see DDR), you must play in a style similar to smashing your fat sausage fingers onto the keyboard. (Preferably until it breaks) But don't worry, fat ass. It requires relatively zero body movement. (Which is perfect for you!) Point blank, the goal of this extremely boring, monotonous game is to hit every note with PERFECT! accuracy in order to have the biggest e-peen and achieve an average rank of 1,337 (because arrow-smashing is srs bsns) within a community of pimple faced, basement dwelling virgins. Caution! Do not let the massive amounts of AIDS come in contact with you or your keyboard. You have been warned.


Spawning from deep within the anal cavity of 34 year old pedophile, James Webb, arose one of the internet's most abysmal creations back in 2002. Nevertheless, with time due, it was slowly becoming a home to, Kongregate nerds, WoW fags, and Counterstrike losers in their up most of glory!! Contrary to this, FFR has spent many of its recent years trying to bring the site to new heights (and make a quick buck because the admins were jobless faggots lmfao), as Faggot Faggot Revolution became an lolfail company (known as FFR, Inc.), profiting from the wallets of many mothers by offering subscriptions and selling T-shirts

Don't let the fashion police catch you wearing this!

with their crappy MS-painted logo on them. (Note: If you see anyone in your area wearing one, then the only way you'd be able to correct the mistake that is them, is by killing them. So do us and the world a favor by ridding the planet of one more geek.)

After realizing this trick soon burned out, Webb and his butt buddies (now located at FagStyle.com) soon started sucking the cocks of many recording industries in an attempt to make even moar moniezzzz (See faggotry) but soon thereafter, he was eventually shot down like a socially inept aspie asking out a supermodel, and then abandoned the site alongside all of his faithful fanboys/girls. When news of this broke, many users with Webb's cock inside their mouths pleaded and begged him to stay and continue working on Furry Furry Revolution, but to no avail. It soon then plummeted down into the ground faster than United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11 thus leading to its plug being pulled on it for months.

This soon sparked a democracy in which lead to several FFR ripoff sites being created. (See TurdStyle.com and FaggotFury) After each one of these sites were created to fulfill their never ending quench to bang on their keyboards like apes, members flocked to sign up like niggers at KFC on Free 2-Piece Tuesday.

BUT OH SHIT! In late 2010, instead of permanently erasing his poorly coded, confusing link farm of a site following it’s down time, Webb instead re-instated Fucktards Forever Revolution. When news of this first broke, arrow smashing geeks from all over the planet, got together and rejoiced in unison. Each of them prematurely wetting themselves at the news of their beloved site being back up after months of each one of them cutting themselves whilst hitting the F5 key in hopes of it coming back. (See desperate)


Over the years of the forums originally being a cluster fuck of depressed teenagers seeking attention and a sense of belonging on a rhythm game forum, it has now spawned into one of the most idiotic places any human creature can venture to on the internet.

Typical stupid post by a stupid person

Flooded with countless posts and threads consisting of oral bowel movements called ‘discussions’, ‘debates’ and other shit nobody could actually give a fuck about. At first glance, you should be able to assume that it’s nothing but a place populated with Channers, people who are extremely terrible at this and people like this who live next door to you. So remember, you don't have freedom of speech on their website. If you post something rather funny (like this article!), expect one of the admin's goons to IP ban you in less than a minute. Don't fret though, if you're IP b&, proxy back in and create more rage and chaos by reposting this article all over the site before their white knighting crusaders in red carry you away from their cherished land.


Profile Chat

The following bullets pretty much sum up the contents of the site's main chat.

It's a fucking rainbow.

Notable Users

  • HammyMcSquirrel: A 22 year old faggot who bases his shit-head views on the fact that his PCP abusing mother raped his ass with a spiked dildo. Being a homosexual IRL, he's been involved in numerous gaynal sex scandals with other users of his kind. Taunt him about it and he’ll lay his ban hammar down on you in less than 5 seconds with a ban expiry date of “never”. (See lolbutthurt)


Fairy Fairy Revolution is home to users who suffer from extreme depression and in 97.7%100% of all cases (loloops) have a slight mediation of borderline personality disorder and/or bipolar disorder. Often times, lashing out like angsty emo teenagers at other users from the IRL drama they are put through, it has come to be tha (and soon to be 3).

If you'd like to share your grievances, please let either of them know someway, somehow, that no one has probably ever given a fuck about them, nor ever will. There's just no hope for people like them. DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.


Here’s a couple of things you can do to make some nerds really angry and irate (especially da adminz lol u mad?). But first, as a safety precaution, grab yourself a new pair of clean of boxers. You might pee yourself from all the lolz, chaos and rage you ensue.

U R 1337 HAXZ0R!!!!111ONEONE!
  • 1) Download the FFR Trainer here
  • 2) Go to any really hard ass song, preferably one of “For Guru’s Only” status and auto-play it. (The trainer will hit every note as perfect)
  • 3) When done, press the LEVEL HAX button.
  • 4) Go back to the site and play the song again. This time, fail out of it.
  • 5) Hit the hi-scores button.
  • 6) ?????
  • 7) PROFIT!

Reveal the location of all the tokens, or merely just spam THIS LINK and watch the massive amounts of BAWWage commence. It's advised you only do this in the presence of a nearby WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE.

  • 1) Download/torrent the FFR engine. Or get it here, you lazy fat fuck
  • 2) Decompile the engine and all of its level files. These will usually be SWF files.
  • 3) Put them in a ZIP and upload to mediafire/megaupload. Label as “FFR in-game files.”
  • 4) ??????
  • 5) PROFIT!

PS: Da adminz will ban u if u upload deez anywhere. (cause being b& from a shitty site that has less users than YouPorn is the end of the world, lol) Be the awesome rebel you are and DO IT FAGGOT, it's just utter shit nobody cares about, a couple of crappy files a bunch of weeaboos and nerds wasted their lives on won't hurt. So go for it. After all, it's da internetz, lmfao.


  • Like their crappy Facebook page here!
  • Join their crappy Facebook group here!
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