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<shirkingmeh> =3
<shirkingmeh> um, friend got pwnd because she was selling amphetamines and was part of some drug ring.
<shirkingmeh> cause i was a friend and my email etc etc ws on her computtterz i got mah shit jacked
<shirkingmeh> no
<shirkingmeh> wouldnt matter if they did really either...
<shirkingmeh> i wiped my hdd with remote desktop from work rite as they called me.... =3
<82e1a705f4bf> your silly you know that
<shirkingmeh> i knu
<shirkingmeh> i was actualy worried about the sfotware i had, but that was really it.
<Kokonoe> oh noez u have loli ur gonna get V&
<82e1a705f4bf> see cause if they took that machine a simple recovery of the volume would have revealed you had loli
<shirkingmeh> probably.
<shirkingmeh> loli isnt illegal so idc
<shirkingmeh> the adobe software and the os were...
<82e1a705f4bf> shirkingmeh: US v. Boucher
<82e1a705f4bf> look into it
<shirkingmeh> lazy
<82e1a705f4bf> they're punishing people under the PROTECT act
<82e1a705f4bf> you only need to read the federal statute
<82e1a705f4bf> it's illegal
<shirkingmeh> what
<shirkingmeh> cake?
<shirkingmeh> lol
<82e1a705f4bf> period. end of sentence. full stop.
<shirkingmeh> nonono... we arent using type writers.
<Kokonoe> We went over this already. Technically illegal since people are dumb, but rarely enforced, and even then nothing usually comes of it
<shirkingmeh> what is technically illegal
<shirkingmeh> are we talking about loli pron
<shirkingmeh> or software
<Kokonoe> loli
<shirkingmeh> its not "technicaly" illegal in the US
<82e1a705f4bf> is it against the law? yes i can site the statute. Wether or not it is enforced is not an issue. It is illegal due to the PROTECT act.
<82e1a705f4bf> period
<shirkingmeh> it is only legal via kind of a not really 'real' loop hole.
<82e1a705f4bf> no
<82e1a705f4bf> you're all wrong
<shirkingmeh> lol
<shirkingmeh> who the fuck is this person
<Kokonoe> enough of that 'period' crap, it's not that simple
<shirkingmeh> if it was real cp yes
<shirkingmeh> it is
<82e1a705f4bf> thats a given
<shirkingmeh> but no
<shirkingmeh> its not
<82e1a705f4bf> it is
<82e1a705f4bf> us v. boucher
<82e1a705f4bf> look it up
<shirkingmeh> give me a link and i might actualy read it
<Kokonoe> The law is generally used to compound charges of CP, it has no real bearing on those who possess only loli
<82e1a705f4bf> they're trying to get into his laptop because a customs agent saw "japanese manga images of children having sex"
<82e1a705f4bf> no it does
<shirkingmeh> yeah
<Jiburiru> theres alot of so called loopholes
<shirkingmeh> because they think he could have cp
<82e1a705f4bf> there are no loopholes 
<shirkingmeh> read them
<shirkingmeh> it is not a loop hole
<shirkingmeh> it is just a dumb thing our government does with art
<shirkingmeh> but liek i said
<shirkingmeh> the only reason they are trying to go through his computer is because of the loli, they think he could have cp
<Jiburiru> and the fact that its artwork in which no one is actually physically affected, it is technically protected by the first amendment
<shirkingmeh> loli itself is in no way illegal
<82e1a705f4bf> "Prohibits drawings, sculptures, and pictures of such drawings and sculptures depicting minors in actions or situations that meet the (Miller test) of being obscene, OR are engaged in [[sex]] acts that are deemed to meet the same obscene condition."
<Kokonoe> If the police try to V& me just because I have loli, I'll fight it in court to the end
<82e1a705f4bf> read and weep
<shirkingmeh> the miller test is NOT
<demonbaine> that law if im croorect forbids convicted pedophiles from processing the recent bill making it illegal was struck down by the law courts in feb
<shirkingmeh> the actual law
<shirkingmeh> it is only a law in one state
<shirkingmeh> dont throw miller bull shit at my face
<82e1a705f4bf> you're not correct demonbane
<82e1a705f4bf> that was a probation violation but they made the protect act charge stick
<demonbaine> otherwise flat would be down as well as many loli sites
<82e1a705f4bf> they're probably monitoring it
<shirkingmeh> so?
<shirkingmeh> they can't do any thing about it.
<shirkingmeh> its not illegal in the US and if flat's server is located in the us
<shirkingmeh> who gives a fuck.
<shirkingmeh> i would of been vaned long ago if loli was illega
<Kokonoe> that means about as much as banning p2p, don't give in to scare tactics 82e1a705f4bf
<shirkingmeh> srsly.
<shirkingmeh> The miller act
<shirkingmeh> never got passed
<demonbaine> im sorry i have been following and a seperate law outlawing lolicon was brung before the house in october passed in december struck down by the law courts in feb protect only covers virtual porn realistic cp
<shirkingmeh> it got looked at by ONE state
<shirkingmeh> and they tried to bring it to the whole country
<shirkingmeh> but no, i dont think it is even in said states amendment
<shirkingmeh> google what state, because i dont remember and i dont want to.
<Kokonoe> Yeah, realistic stuff should be banned like some 3D, but not 2D anime-style art
<Jiburiru> 3d is disgusting
<82e1a705f4bf> Kokoone: If i get caught with an mp3, i'd imagine i could shake it in a jury trial. Try shaking animated kids being tenticle raped.
<Jiburiru> lol
<Kokonoe> 'animated' being the key word
<82e1a705f4bf> doesnt matter
<82e1a705f4bf> (2) the alleged child pornography was not produced using any actual minor or minors.
<82e1a705f4bf> thats the part of the law that effects it
<Jiburiru> how can they arrest you for ANIMATING kids being TENTACLE raped
<82e1a705f4bf> 18 USC 2225 i think
<shirkingmeh> ok, how about i walk into a fucking police station and show them hmm..... the seen at the end of jiburiru' the devil angle, final season 1 ep if that bitch getting tentacle raped
<shirkingmeh> NOTHING< would happen.
<shirkingmeh> its not illegal.
<shirkingmeh> i invite you to do that.
<82e1a705f4bf> (2) the alleged child pornography was not produced using any actual minor or minors.
<82e1a705f4bf> (2) the alleged child pornography was not produced using any actual minor or minors.'
<82e1a705f4bf> (2) the alleged child pornography was not produced using any actual minor or minors.'
<shirkingmeh> go ahead, video tape it.
<82e1a705f4bf> it is
<shirkingmeh> put it on you tube
<shirkingmeh> try it
<Kokonoe> I can distinguish between fantasy and reality, it's not my fault if those who follow the letter of the law rather than the spirit can't
<demonbaine> dude that means any cp using a actor that looks like a child
<82e1a705f4bf> http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/18/2252A.html
<82e1a705f4bf> i didn't make the law
<demonbaine> or has been altered digitally to look minor so called teen porn barely legal
<82e1a705f4bf> and it's about animated stuff that involves kids
<shirkingmeh> no shit, but you arent fully understanding said law that you are spamming about.
<82e1a705f4bf> no i am demonbaine
<Kokonoe> You're interpreting the law in a way that makes it seem like we're all gonna get V&. It's not gonna happen
<demonbaine> well dude leave dont dl it
<82e1a705f4bf> i don't
<82e1a705f4bf> point being: is they see it they can arrest you
<82e1a705f4bf> as of now
<shirkingmeh> stfu a second and i will tell you why it is not illegal, it has every thing to do with the "allged child pornography was not produced blah blah blah.
<shirkingmeh> nm
<demonbaine> if that law covered what you thought there would have been no need for a dedicated law in october - that was srtuck down
<Kokonoe> <82e1a705f4bf> (2) the alleged child pornography was not produced using any actual minor or minors. <-- I mean, what is that? If no actual children were exploited or abused in any way, why would it be illegal?
<82e1a705f4bf> it was struck down, similar laws were struck down twice
<82e1a705f4bf> because they said it should be
<shirkingmeh> that's just it. it was struck down, and is not a law. and thus doesnt affect any of us. what. so. ever.
<demonbaine> then what are you fapping about
<82e1a705f4bf> thats why 
<shirkingmeh> wait wait
<shirkingmeh> why the fuck are you even here any way?
<82e1a705f4bf> similar laws were struck down
<82e1a705f4bf> not that one
<Kokonoe> same reason peer is here
<shirkingmeh> gtfo if you are just going to spew shit.
<82e1a705f4bf> no
<shirkingmeh> weeeel
<shirkingmeh> then im going to gtfo
<Kokonoe> lol
<shirkingmeh> have fun with said nigger. = /
* shirkingmeh has quit (Quit: Flatchan.org java IRC)
<Jiburiru> ...
<82e1a705f4bf> point being: the law coveres digital pictures of child-like persons in sexual positions. The law says it does not matter if the children were base on real people
<Jiburiru> your a dick head 82e1a705f4bf
<Kokonoe> lol fear/hate mongering, we're not dumb
<Jiburiru> you dont know what your talking about
<82e1a705f4bf> call me a dick all you want i'm speaking the truth
* You have been kicked from #flatchan by demonbaine (stop spreading crap #5)
* Now talking on #flatchan
* Topic for #flatchan is: #flatchan | Loli central
* Topic for #flatchan set by [email protected] at Sat May 10 14:00:31 2008
<demonbaine> dude you spreading stuff that already been sorted knj
<shirkingmeh> hey dude, guess wut. = /
<82e1a705f4bf> you know i really do not appreciate oper abuse in a debate
<shirkingmeh> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8VPp-DPCk8&feature=PlayList&p=83A5D5717563AEA4&index=0
<shirkingmeh> click that
<shirkingmeh> guess wut it is
<shirkingmeh> lolicon
<Kokonoe> That's THE loli [[anime]]. That an Ichigo Mashimaro
<shirkingmeh> where?
<shirkingmeh> you tube
<82e1a705f4bf> you know i really do not appreciate oper abuse in a debate
<82e1a705f4bf> don;t do that again
<82e1a705f4bf> now
<shirkingmeh> its the interenet
<demonbaine> no i know whe someone is messing around in the channel trying to troll ppl
<82e1a705f4bf> i'm not clikcing on that
<shirkingmeh> shut the fuck up before i start calling you a nigger for not listning
<82e1a705f4bf> i'm not trolling stupid
<shirkingmeh> so
<Kokonoe> this guy = peer?
<Kokonoe> acts like him
<shirkingmeh> probably.
<82e1a705f4bf> no
<shirkingmeh> lawl
* demonbaine sets ban on *!*@Rizon-90808172.dhcp.embarqhsd.net
* demonbaine sets ban on *!*[email protected]*.dhcp.embarqhsd.net
* You have been kicked from #flatchan by demonbaine (You've been dying since the day you were born. ( banned ) #6)

What a dick. I oughta lump you out IRL, Demonbaine. You too, Kokonoe.

Lolicon is illegal Part 2: Staff Admits It's Illegal (which IRC is a violation of Rizon rules, LOL BANTOWN)

So I connected again much later on with a proxy....

<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> why is there a link up there about child porn?
<Flonne-chan> where?
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> http://news.cnet.com/8301-13739_3-9994159-46.html
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> in the topic
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> why does that concren us though
<Flonne-chan> because lolicon is a "Target"
<TheFrink> what can lolicon be misconstrued as?
<TheFrink> nubcake
<Flonne-chan> and lolicon can be misconstrued as CP
<Flonne-chan> as one comment says... absolute power corrupts absolutely
<Flonne-chan> besides, what gives one group the absolute right to intercept my [[internet]] data without my knowledge or consent
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> Fionne-Chan, so you're saying that ultimatly, these laws are being used to ban loli, under the guise of CP?
<Flonne-chan> yep
<TheFrink> ain't censorship a bitch?
<Flonne-chan> this goes beyond censorship
<Flonne-chan> carte-blanche access to anyones internet data under the guise of "protecting the kids"
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> wait i just want to get this clear, they are in fact trying to make lolicon illegal, under PROTECT? they're trying to enforce PROTECT provisions that are unconstitutional?
<Flonne-chan> the thing is, theyre doing it by association
<Flonne-chan> not an act of law
<Flonne-chan> effectively "guilty by association"
<Flonne-chan> then again, seems like any constitutional right can be waived aside under a few broad banners... "protecting against terrorists." and "Protecting the nations Youth"
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> but PROTECT says that it doesnt mater if real kids are involved
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> .....so it was, under this [[insane]] law, illegal already, am i right?
<Flonne-chan> again, illegal by association
<Flonne-chan> yeah
* guuchan has quit (Killed (summer (OH BTW GRATS)))
* guuchan ([email protected]) has joined #flatchan
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> so let me get this perfectly clear, it's already illegal under PROTECT, there's a provision that relates to "regardless if the child exists or not". Man that sucks
<Flonne-chan> yeah
<Kawaii_neko_boi_69> ok thanks for clearing that up

God juped Demonbanes handle IRL

Demonbane has not been heard from according to oper Cheesey, in about a year. He was terminally ill just after this happened. Is it assumed he is dead. He died in Scotland.

Couldn't have happened to a better person.

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