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Hope You're Happy RG :)


—Some nigger as they attempted to delete this page.



—...and his butthurt ninja force.

Hatena is now the confinement place we put the 'artists' so they don't fuck up the internet. If they did what they are doing in 2011 on a real site, real people would be pissed.


— some ex-hatena guy no one cares about.

Flipnote Hatena is a cloned website like Deviantart and Newgrounds and a dumbed-down version of Adobe Flash Professional CSx, and all of it is squeezed into an app for the DSi known as Flipnote Studio. The Flipnote Hatena community consists of mainly 10-13 year old kids posting unfunny Flipnotes or Fanime into a fucked website and may get to be in the Top 10 of the most unfunny flipnotes ever. After they're in the top ten, most of these gay and pointless Flipnotes that should have never seen the light of day get false reported. After that happens, these people start to BAWWW and post Flipnotes Saying "i leave Hatena :(", despite the fact they return shortly after this.

It also seems to be a website where pedos and the only girls on the Internet gather to sexually abuse each other on the Internet somehow, so the admin niggers get butthurt and suddenly everyone is B& (unless they're the age of seven and don't know what the fuck is going on).

An app for the 3DS called Flipnote Hatena 2: Electric Boogaloo was due to come out on June 30th, but it didn't. This was the second delay; the first release was for the sixth of May. Many Flipfags BAWWWWWed and raged because Nintendo trolled them.


Average comments on flipnote

More like shitnotes, amirite?

Mostly, Hatena is full of stupid artists that draw and admire furries, make and watch music videos or steal peoples Flipnotes for the lulz. Most of these totally original furries are Eevees from the game Pokemon.

Of course, people are star-begging because their Flipnotes suck too much dick to actually deserve stars. These stars are a collection of pixels used to make Flipnoters feel like they have accomplished something in their life, as it makes the Flipnotes popular. The Flipnoters who are popular are usually the ones that make gay furry music Flipnotes that suck abnormal amounts of donkey dick. There's also some people that get about 100,000 stars for something that they could make in 2 minutes. If any of these guys did this on a real website, they'd be fucked.

Most Flipnotes contain old, overused memes like "This is SPARTA" or "ITS OVER 9000". Oh, and don't forget about that fucking awesome face DJ flipnote. Moar liek shitface BJ flipnote, amirite?

An example of these furfags' flips: [1] [2]

The "love stories".

The most created flips in Europe are these "Love Stories". Love stories sometimes contain objectionable content like kissing. The usual speed of a Love Story is about 7 or 8. They are as short as the creators dicks, but they are fucking popular in Europe.

Of course there are chat rooms, where only one frame is needed to gain heaps of comments on the planet Earth. On the chat rooms it's possible to troll all of the "artists" who are chatting to each other. They usually roleplay using gay furfag characters, but sometimes they use a gay stickman to have their chat and get an online girlfriend.

Also, in Europe, all of them think they're Japanese and feel the need to continually draw Anime and wank over it when they're finished, and then lick the spunk off the screen, throw it back up, and repeat.


Registering for Flipnote Hatena is a pain in the ass. First, you must register your email, and if you think that is all you have to do, you're wrong! Afterwards, you must send them a fucking letter through the mail that consists of some printout contract and your signature. When you send your postcard or whatever, it usually gets rejected, which means that you waited days for nothing! The Bureaucratic Fucks at Flipnote Hatena enjoy rejecting your letters because they do it for teh lulz.


When a person don't get stars‎

Stars or I-want-to-be-the-popular-like-gizmo-or-the-most-other-popular-guys are shitty 8-bit pixels used to show how people like the Flipnotes, much like Youtubes like bar. All around, there are 3 billion stars, which the most are given starbeggars or "iwanttoadoptapokemon" Flipnotes.

There are colored Stars like yellow/green/blue/red and purple. When an artist gets a Purple star, (possibly from some Internet friend of theirs who has such an extravagant and eventful life) by and large they will think they are so fucking cool, they go amok and start trolling kids by making a flipnote about it, causing butthurt and lulz all round.

Every region has a massively overrated nigger somewhere on their site, and expects the rest of the community to be their bitches.

Notable Flipnote Users

  • Xehez- The one who fucked Hatena, he was known as Emiiru Kun when he did faggotry in that website. He can get you 10000000000000000's of stars in few minutes, and 100000000000000000's of views with no problem. he's been through lots of threesomes before, but he destroyed his haters' anuses, he drew hentai, can be found here, don't fuck with the nigger, or else he whoops your ass upside down, also known as Xehez

  • Jamzy- Likes nothing more than cock full of herpes up his tight little rabbit arse, gets a really small errection when he sees anything with anime in it, is a weeabo who spends 99% of his time watching hentai, the 1% sucking his dad's tits and creates a new account every Thursday.
Every Flipnote in a nutshell. Seriously. Except they look amazing and have every colour.

  • HugelDude- Shit Brazilian pole dancer who doesn't deserve the price. Started a war on jews like a satan Random Guy His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey His name is Harvey

  • Lollerguy- More liek cockless sea horse amirite? An amazing animator with a shitty character as a stickman with spikey hair. He's an amazing inspiration to the porn world and makes alot of money from eating bellend. He's one of the worlds biggest spin-offfags His errection is as thick as the sticks he draws, He's got a huge fettish to stick men, His biggest fantasy is to get a farm of stick insects and just let them rome free all over his pubeless crotch.

  • Kaz- Some chav that gets loads of pussy every night from the animal shelter. Ragequit to become sex god. He had a star shop which he got -7 stars from, causing everyone on Flipnote to become horny. His thoughts on this; haha fuk. He lost his hand in his mothers cobwebbed vagina after slitting his wrists and masturbating over down syndrome window lickers like a boss

  • Khaos- A random 400 year old who lives in his basement in Mexico. He thinks he has a huge dick because he is the admin of pedophiles. A crap group that masturbates and fingers everyone on flipnote hatena like leeches just to get aids for their collection of Jesus anuses.

  • Mazar- He smells like the jizz on your computer screen in the bottom right corner from last week, Likes to play mousetrap in the dark while swinging his tits around. ; ragequit.

  • Griffami- BEST ANIMATOR IN THE WORLD - His original style was so sexy that it made the hentai world go crazy and Jamzy kept leaving a trail from his tiny cock being as hard as sliced bread. Stick figure with a huge cock and a Mario condom. ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL.

  • Hamtaro- One of Flipnotes shittest animators.

  • ShinyEevee- A sexy whore who lives in Africa with her 159023485930 brothers who suck her each day. She is as furry in real life as she has too many pubes.

  • Fred- An eighty thousand three hundred and twenty gay fag arse cunt year old slug who makes porn flipnotes for the sole reason of cybering with the thousands of little kids that masterbate over Lenox.

  • Umbrella (☂)- Some desperate hooker who's a little too gay to be fucking around with 84534562 year olds, Acts like a complete nigger dick to get more and more gays to give her a strap on fisting machine. (notice she only favorites homosexuals e.g Jamzy, Lenox, HomeStar, CyberNick, RandomGuy). She's actually some 2 year old bitch who's too scared to get aids in real life so she indirectly whores herself out for a pretty decent price on the internet.

  • Homestar- Shoves potatoes up his arse and munches bellend 92 year old kid who ragequit Flipnote because- as we all know- it sucks hobos off. Not to be confused with Mr Blobby.

  • Kobra Kid- 13248457369738459673849578693475896734859768947569745896789437569 year old tranny who's a vampire! Sparkles like them fags of Twilight and Makes those Hate Stories and hentai which are mentioned in this page somewhere. She's really easy to cyber, but she can't draw tits :/

  • Amy- The reason why Hatena is amazing and full of porn. She It created the first Hentai Series in Jamaca, Since that, these Love Series are now in Alaska America. She's also the first cousin of Bin Laden, Good job bitch.

  • DavidN64- A Person who gets hard easily and never get pussy. Since he Ragequited Viagra luckly He created new Account "ILoveAllThePenis", he cybers people in the America and the Europe Community. He has 46283459678495789 Characters, a Scooby Doo with wings ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL and a girl with a hat and no otherclothing. But on the other fapping hand, he created the drama article.

  • Rice - The most original sheep shagger that's ever lived, Spends most of his time in a field somewhere in Wales, The lost twin of the rice krispies kids, his twin snap once tried to make his name real on rice's dick, a great big shining star, yaaaaaay! [4]

  • Hatena- Sucks cock and doesn't even know what a flipnote is :(

  • Raving Boy- Lost his virginity at the age of 5 to a snake, This sexual predator spends most of his time watching the Kitty Krew on newgrounds.

  • Alexian- An idiotic sexy as fuck gay 4 year old vagina cleaner who was unable to go a single day without going "GIVE ME YOUR HARD PENIS DADDY!" and false reporting, causing him to be banned by Hatena on 458902349645387690546747586793459678930567826703840785478120543546473587684937568493768748569273465782367562375643569734265746375967348569728394657896342789567892637895 and a half occasions, making each time making him progressively more Happy and eventually began watching hentai on Deviantart until he ended up getting permanently banned and began doing nothing but cybering and more cybering to random people on Moshi Monsters (making him the very definition of A winner)

  • Altair- Another illegal immigrant that creates the stick fights we all know and love. Failing to interpret anything on his own, he uses the brilliant, original, gay as fuck "Nigger Vs. White" stick fight style, yet everyone kisses his 4 year old virgin ass when he posts these. Just another Manic Monday fan that can't create anything we haven't seen countless times before.

  • JPlusWTF- A 50 year old school teacher who's been having an affair with a 5 year old, he said the sex was shit but eventually she got a bucket, Now is a sexual predator in the nursery. Horny motherfucker.

  • Lenox- Sexy as fuck, owns a couple of dildos but never uses them because He can't pronounce witty Often gets mistaken for a girl but then again the vagina and saggy tits make it completely obvious.

  • N'Nomer- Missing hooker, If you see this whore please return it to the pimp above.

  • Elimy- Bitch got a penis. Often drops her ice cream in the fire and doesn't know what a penis is.

  • Razzle- A red HugleDude clone, Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Harvey is his name Gets butthurt from quotes and loves cock.


On Aug 6, 2011 11:50:19 AM, a girl Called [°Kammy=P°] created a Shitnote, where people has to create a spin-offs of the dramatic Hatenatimes 2011. The actual point of this is getting attention to the Hatena admins, but she forgot something. Hatena doesnt give a shit about her.

[Original Flipnote.] Fell free to spam.

[Spinoff] yes,thats my spinoff. I mean, who would do this...

She is not the only one who create such Flipnotes like this. Everyone on Hatena cry about the False reporters/Star Beggers Today. They still dont understand that the Furfags, who create Music Videos or Love storys are ruin Hatena, but Hey... Thats Serious Business now!


Now-a-days, all Shitgay Hatenaids is used for is a bunch of furfags and vampire wannabes to go into chatrooms and roleplay for hours on end. And we mean, hours.

An epic fight between a Finlander and the chat owner.
This can be applied to all Flipnoters

Luckily, these niggers get butthurt way too easily. I mean, you don't even have to troll them to get them whining.

Apparently, the most effective method is warning them about the deadly disseases they can get from being on these Chat Rooms. On Flipnote, there is a group of people trying to spread the message about this disease to the regular users on Flipnote. They call themselves Group Finland, codename FGT.

They are open to members, and if you want to join them on their quest, then you must post this message to all the chatrooms you can find:





Unfortunately, the Hatena Admins have blocked the word aids, as they would rather watch their extremely supportive users suffer from this illness, but us members of Finland can help prevent it.

Most of the Flipnote users fail to notice this message, so it's important to post it as many times as possible. If, for some reason, an unknown person has stopped you from commenting, you should make a new account.

Good luck, Finlanders!

Gallery Of Butthurt

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

False reporting

Mostly happens to the top 10 of the gayest Flipnotes. After the admins remove the Flips that got reported, the false reporters get 1 worthless green star. Even the admins remove these flipnotes because they can't deal with violence, even when there isn't violence. After a Flip got removed, the False reporter gain a green Star to spend it on a flip or collecting more for a Creator room backround.

Either that or they're awesome and are just trying to make a bunch of kids butthurt. Trust me, false or not, when someone good gets reported, there's chaos, because little kids don't understand the jokes.


The admins are little pussies that are afraid about everything in their shitty website. They regularly visit chatrooms and troll people and Gline them when they reply. Even when they look at this page, they will jizz in their pants. 99.9% of these Japanese faggots are gay vaginas.

The 54 Rules Of Hatena

  1. Flipnote Hatena is where stealing art is legal.
  2. One day, I'll be a great animator. Bitches are just jealous that I know how to use select tool animation.
  4. Copy, paste, change mouth, copy, paste, change mouth, copy, paste, move arm....
  5. The more popular people I put on my MV's, the more chance I get to be friends with them.
  6. Using Edit-Me's is the same as using reference.
  7. Take one-colored photos of myself and ask how hot, cute, ugly, etc I am.
  8. Excessive and over-the-top shading is the same as painting skills.
  11. Critics are only critical because they are jealous of my stick figures.
  12. When having a relationship, write your name with a heart in the middle and write your partner's name too. Because bragging about it is so pleasing.
  13. All Stick Figures O.C's should have a flying partner taken from the Super Mario Universe. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  14. All character's words speaks louder than actions. (Edit-me comics reference)
  15. People use the Reporting function for the fuck of it. No really, see how the administrators gives a flying fuck about your false reported Flipnote.
  16. All creators are looking for something: MORE POPULARITY!
  18. Plagiarism is fake. Anyone can be original, as long as I give audio credit.
  19. Using emoji emoticons means I'm special.
  20. It's not bad art if I'm popular.
  21. Comments should be more like "EPIC", "Cool", "OMG AWESOME", "Cute", etc than something that could help me improve on my art skills. DONT GIVE ME CRITIQUES! IM TOO F***ING SENSITIVE!
  22. People posts a lot of chats and chats everyday because watching porn (or even make a Flipnote) gets old.
  23. There's nothing wrong with re-posting Flipnotes. I WROTE "CREDIT TO ORIGINAL," IT'S NOT STOLEN.
  25. When someone writes me a critique, I should go to him/her and tell him to stop and that it makes me cry and that he/she should die and that her/his flips suck ass.
  26. When you quit Hatena, come back two months later.
  27. I have more fans than you. Therefore, I'm better than you.
  28. Adding stars to myself is a brilliant idea.
  29. Adding color stars then take them back for teh lulz is a brilliant idea.
  30. Being friends just because they're popular is a brilliant idea.
  31. Spam your Flipnotes to every Popular Flipnote's comment section is a brilliant idea.
  32. Posting a Flipnote how much my life sucks and about that little stealer/hater/ex-boyfriend/girlfiend and that im going to kill myself if I dont have any more recognition is a brilliant idea.
  33. Write RP Flipcomics because people know its good art if its posted on the internet.
  34. Love is love. It doesn't matter if you're a boy, girl or both, It's all about how good you roleplay with me and how fast you can make me orgasm with your chatting sex drawing comments. I'M BISEXUAL! DON'T JUDGE ME, YOU PREACHFAGS!
  35. Giving Flipnote titles like "dB" "XDD fail" and "read desc." shows how intriguing your Flipnote is. Oh, and it makes me look more friendly. BECAUSE YOU NEED FRIENDS!
  36. Sing on a Flipnote then ask for a rating. When someone gives a low score, bitch about it to them. Because hypocrisy is key.
  37. If someone stalks two people sexting or a popular Flipnote gets false reported if a couple breaks up, there will be drama. No exceptions.
  38. Post sexually-explicit Flipnotes and sexually roleplay at chats. If someone reports, YOU HAVE A VALID REASON TO NOT BE REPORTED. B*TCH ABOUT IT TO YOUR FANS AND THE ADMIN.
  39. If its animu, its good.
  40. Post random memes every day. That way, you'll get your citizenship faster than ever. Not only that, but your fans can actually know you better and also know how friendly you are instead of talented you are. And when you tag, SAY EVERYONE!
  41. Only cool people don't comment on other Flipnotes or reply. Only cool chat in their Flipnotes. Only cool people don't chat in their own chats.
  42. Make funny lists to be popular. Like this one.
  43. If there's a nose bleeding, REPORT IT!
  44. I'm a good artist because I have so many talented friend and I draw anime. Desu desu.
  45. I made another account because of THE PRESSURE OF BEING POPULAR. Even though I wanted it in the first place and work hard to be popular. OH WELL, IM A SELFISH BITCH LIKE THAT.
  46. When making a spinoff, alter the speed and that makes it legit. BECAUSE CHANGING SPEED IS SO MUCH WORK!
  48. If you go into a chat of a famous creator labeled private, you get booted and blocked because that creator obviously has much more authority than you.
  49. If it has overused Internet memes or Youtube audio, its funny.
  50. The best way to get popular is to link to as many channels as possible! Animation skills? What are you talking about?
  51. Make a sprite series, and add cool video game music. And don't move the sprites at all. IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
  52. Who said we have to work to get Popular? Why don't we create comics that have the same pics or goes on a speed in which Sonic the Hedgehog can't beat?
  53. Chaos aren't furries.
  54. Report this post, report this post. FUCK YOU! I'M GETTING A GREEN STAR!

The Community

Flipnote is full of furfags.
Posting this flipnote is the best way to troll furfags and sonicfags.

The majority of Flipnote users consist of delusional weeafaggots who believe that they are gifted and talented when it comes to animating and art. Moar others are stickfags who post shitty stick figure fights as flipnotes. The stickfags are the least talented of all the flipnotefags. Many others are YouTube Poopers that were kickbanned and exiled from YouTube, and, as a result, they post their sparta remixes, pingas videos, and other retarded YouTube fads that they brought with them. The rest of the flipnote community consists of furfags who post their fucktarded music vids that consist of animals hugging or cuddling with each other or two animals in love. It is also well known that many of Hatena's furfags are Sonicfags who post their half-assed Sonic-themed flipnotes.

The popular people that create rubbish Flipnotes like Stickfights or King Boo´s flipnotes

GIZMO created a successful flipnote [5] which it was the first mistake. It got over 2.999 Spin-offs, which shows that the community were to Stupit to draw.

American flipnoters are know as the Stickman Pussies, because, as the name implies, 80% of the community use stickmen for their Flipnotes. The rest were doing spin-offs.

Europe is full with untalented faggots and Online-Daters. The good ones take one look at the site and ragequit because it sucks so much, so we're left with the terrible ones. Examples pl0x? Coming soon.

Fuck knows about Japan. Do they, alternatively, think they're from Europe?


Flipnote Hatena for dummies

If your new at this shit,this can help you out. Flipnote Hatena for dummies


It's possible to troll the community with several tricks.

  • Stealing someone's flip and saying it's yours-lulz will ensue
  • False reporting every Flip possible
  • Scamming them from their stars, which is nearly impossible because they moan the fuck out of you when you do so
  • Comment using swear words (Even crap is considered a swear there)
  • Write them a comment that you hate Eevees or other furfags
  • Make them mad in their Flips or on chatrooms
  • Spam the chatrooms with Racist or offensive insults like "nigger" or "bitch"
  • Saying that someones flipnote is stolen
  • Join Deviantart and write a Journal how hatena sucks
  • Saying Inchworm is better than Flipnote Studio
  • If you are a citizen, removing the channels from a flipnote and post it to the "fail" channel
  • Say that your penis is bigger than someones elses (for maximum lulz, say this to a female user)
  • Join Restoring Hatena
  • Consistantly give a rare purple star and erase it. (For maximum lulz, add it to a star scam and report it so it gets deleted).
  • Spam chatrooms with the fact that Flipnote Hatena 2: Electric Boogaloo hasn't come out yet.

Flipnote Hatena 2: Electric Boogaloo

Nintendo promised this in June, but saw how fucked the community was and cancelled it. Stalkers that have no lives tend to stalk the admins news pages to get more infomation about it, even though IT DOESN'T EXIST. When it was announced for 3DS, DSi fanboys went into rage, and the hyperscream they made caused some massive earthquake that fucked up Japan.

Hatena is a giant pile of chode sucking diarrhea from a honey badger that's had twice it's weight of crack every hour for 2 years. I swear to god, Hatena was amazing back in the day. Then these fuckers came and ruined it.


—Random Guy

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