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What is a fluffer?

Everyone has seen the rock-hard cocks of the guys in porn flicks, but many are unaware of how they get there. A Fluffer is a chick (or a dude, if the guy putts from the rough) that works to get the guy hard off-camera, so he can pork the star on-camera. Fluffers are necessary because coke can only do so much.

What do I have to do to become a fluffer?

Show up on a porn set. You will be given a trailer hitch. You must remove the chrome within 60 seconds. Long hair that can be used as a handle is a plus.

A great body is not necessary, since the dude will only be loolking at the top of your head. A flat head in a plus, so the actor can have a place to put his beer.

What do I need?

  • A mouth
  • No braces

A willingness to be in one of the lowest paid positions on a porn set, just one step above the guy who mops up.

  • A set of quality kneepads, optional.

This is fucked up. What kind of women do this, anyway?

  • Chicks who enjoy being used as sex toy
  • Chicks who can't fake orgasms as well as the actresses
  • Chicks who have no redeeming features, aside from their mouth.
  • Chicks too shy to suck dick on camera, but still need the money.
  • Your mom
  • Your sister
  • You

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