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Germaine in episode 103: Does my bum look big in this?

Foamy is a cartoon squirrel and the main character of the Neurotically Yours series of at least 100 Flash cartoons that jumped the shark somewhere around the second or third episode. The cartoons are drawn and voiced by some guy named Jonathan (aka IllWillPress), who uses them as an outlet for his Tourette's-addled rants.

IllWill also used to draw a shitty webcomic called 4-Y records which essentially consisted of him prattling on pretentiously for four of the exact same frame about some of his favourite shit bands and why they're awesome. He eventually stopped updating this after it became apparent that nobody gave a shit about his horrendous taste in music. Jonathan "Prick-falusi" Mathers also has no taste in Ren and Stimpy because of his animations.

Jonathan Mathers is the classiest of people.

Episode list

Every second of every episode of Neurotically Yours in a single frame.
  • 1-47: Foamy's Rant I - XLVII
  • 48: Germaine shakes her ass at the viewer for some minutes
  • 49-72: Foamy's Rant XLIX - LXXII
  • 73: Germaine puts on a live camwhoring show for the other characters.
  • 74 onwards: Foamy's Rants
  • 198:Foamy fucks Germaine.

Other characters

The cartoon started out with Foamy and his owner Germaine, but as time went on, IllWill realised that his fanbase would eventually get tired of him recycling the exact same cartoon every few weeks with a new voiceover. To remedy this, he created a bunch of other equally bland characters and peddled them out whenever he'd run short on good ideas.


Supposedly hot goth/wiccan chick who owns Foamy. IllWill would use his fursona to bitch about people sending him fanmail wanting to see Germaine naked, but we all know he was full of shit and that nobody actually wants to see Germaine naked except for IllWill, who faps nightly to naked drawings of his creation (See Fred Gallagher). Aside from masturbation fodder, this also serves as a way to fill up some more tragically unfunny episodes of his shit cartoon by making her boobs inflate for no readily apparent reason. IllWill seems to think that by putting Germaine in nothing but underwear for most of the episodes that he'll get more views, however in reality, its only himself who still watches the show. A recent episode shows Germaine getting hit by a big load of cum, which goes to show what IllWill's fantasies are of Germaine.


Pill-popping, batshit insane squirrel, because Foamy wasn't quite crazy enough for the Invader Zim-loving 16-year-old mallgoths who make up NY's fans.

Pilz-E is essentially and debatably the only pleasant and lulzy character in the show; so logically speaking, since Pilz-E's presence would actually lower the fag level to a minimum, Mather's made a note of using Pilz-E's character as little as possible to restrain lulz and add on as much stress with the show's main character; Foamy.


Begley or however the hell his name is supposed to be spelled, is another rare character who isn't a completely life sapping experience to watch. So naturally, he's almost never present and is always shoved into the background as hard as possible when he is present. As far as his character is concerned, which there is little of, Begley is a computer engineer goth-squirrel from the United Kingdom. Usually whenever he's on screen, he's either debating with Foamy or leaving the show, making him the Kurt Cobain of the show, if Kurt Cobain could change his mind and not have a hole where his head used to be.

Tha Hatta

Token stereotype black person squirrel. Modeled after the Mad Hatter boss from American McGee's Alice. Loves fried chicken, watermelons, grillz, and pimped out Daewoos.

There is no debate, Tha Hatta is the most obnoxious and unlikable character in the entire show and possibly of all time. When Tha Hatta comes on screen, abandon ship, critics and critics first.

The Pizza Guy

He stalks Germaine, rapes her and eventually becomes her boyfriend. That is the extent of his character. IllWillPress based this character on himself.

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