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Forced Meme Flamingo will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Forced Meme Flamingo is an ironically recursive, blatantly forced meme that has recently made an appearance on 4chan's /b/. The meme involves an image of a pink plastic lawn flamingo with a text bubble, in which posters are supposed to insert forced memes. Many, however, choose to insert other objects. The post normally begins with this copypasta, or something similar: "Hey /b/, Forced Meme Flamingo here. Put your favorite (or least favorite) forced memes in my text bubble, OH YAH!" Since some take the internet as serious business, they consider the flamingo a form of cancer since it is forced itself.

The Meme forced. That's the entire point, making it one of the most retarded memes ever. Even though it isn't a meme.


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