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Forever Alone

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Forever Alone will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

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Forever Alone Guy (Also known as F.A.G.) is the only rage-meme that accurately and eternally represents you. This meme is one of many, many hilarious and inventive variations of rage-comics, created somewhere around April 2010. The stories are usually focused around main character with abnormally swollen face, which expresses loneliness and disappointment with his life (in which he is alone). Some of them also includes wannabe-funny word games with main line, which has nothing to do with actual plot. Next to highly overused RAGE, FA also draws its humor from such phenomenons like Trollface, FUCK YEA or Poker Face, and can be easily replaced by almost any of them.

As it usually goes with this kind of art, the plot never thickens and after over 9000 attempts of making lulz out of it, you flush the stuff down the toilet.

Most important question you ask yourself every fucking time you go through FA: why the hell is the guy with a swollen face smiling?


Manlytears' copyright claim

Forever Alone first appeared in 2010, posted on unFunnyJunk by a user named Azuul. In 2012, a /v/ perusing tripfag named Manlytears claimed to have created the meme and even went as far as to file the legal copyright for it[1], and now issues takedown notices to those who use the meme. In addition to receiving credit in Payday: The Heist he managed to force EA to change a dogtag in Battlefield 3 that was showing the FA face.



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