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Forum invasions were started at least 100 years ago when, well, forums were actually cool. It's practiced by groups like ebaumsworld, the GNAA, The Suckage, and Platinum. Since IRC was discovered, forums have become old. In fact, forums are so old, Jesus posted a farewell thread on Ebaumsworld the day before Jews killed him. The easiest way to troll a forum is by posting Jack Sparrow spoilers or 8000x6000 goatse, but DDoS and stealing admin passwords is always lulz. When invading a forum, it is IMPORTANT that you preserve as much drama, trolling and invading as possible, for future generations. However, if your invasion is a total failure, please, ignore the above text and be an hero.

Reasons to Raid Forums

If they contain the following such as:

Most Lulzworthy

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