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Your average foshata user

Foshata was allegedly a form of entertainment, although this fact has been disputed by many. Since the American entertainment industry is currently run by Scientologists, others argue that this exclusion is a positive thing.

Foshatas were Japanese commercials, which have spaces to add fake subtitles. These are then filled in by Foshatists. The site is now defunct as of January 2007

About Foshata

Average Foshata woman Non-existant Foshata female.

Foshatists are an enigma. They are either Racist Haters of Japan, or Japanophiles. Although they have no discernible writing skills, they take great pride in criticizing others for their lack of aforementioned ability, and of voting "good" or "bad" depending on their mood, and whether or not they got laid that day (they didn't). The second best way to piss off a foshatist is to write with poor grammar, and the best way is to criticize his/her's- Oh, let's be fully honest here, it's definitely "his", as women don't engage in this sort of behavior. If you want to pick up chicks, go to a disco. In 1977.

The typical foshata talks about WoW. It also isn't very funny. But if you look hard enough, you can definitely find some diamonds in the rough. And if you think you can do better, go for it, you noob. Because I am going to vote your ass down so fast...I mean you should definitely check it out.

Sashes have a prominent place in foshatas, although no one seems to know why. There has been talk of foshata cosplay, but since no one will admit to being a part of this discussion, it has gone no further as of yet.

Other topics include Rape, abortion, pedophilia, incest, unwarranted self-importance, taking it in the ass and your mother. Yes, they talk about various aspects of your mother's body and sexual proclivities on, so it would be in your best interest to go check it out immediately.

Foshata Blanks

There isn't really a word for the commercials that are raped by Foshata users, so from now on they are called "blanks" refering to the minds of those creating them. The Foshata website offers at least 100 different commercials, but doesn't supply them with names, so these are categorised by vague descriptions.

The one with the girl on a phone

This one line Foshata blank allows for a variety of Foshata, ranging from witty puns about one's mother to ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US !?![1]. The expression on the girl's face really does fit with many different situations. This was used in the first foshata on the new site.[2]

The Japanese family

Not even devoted Foshatists can find anything funny with anything done with this one.

The one with the chicks in windows

Scientists have yet to discover what the hell they are on about, so here is some random shit with lesbians.

The office scene

Some guy says something to some other guy and then some 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl comes in, often ends with a sexual reference.[3]

The hermaphrodite being banged up the ass was the first Foshata to ever be created. The message chosen "YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GAY :-)" is now traditional for each Foshatist to put use in their first Foshargy.

Your mom

Your mom is a foshata, go write random shit on her with a sharpie.

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