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Here we see a fox in repose. See all the vileness and corruption spilling from it.
There I was, minding my business, doing foxy things in a foxy forest with all the other foxes, when a human tried to have sex with me!


—Actual female inbred fox, understandably traumatized by her almost close encounter with a furry.

Foxes are a large ginger variety of rat popular as a fursona among those within the furry community. Contrary to what furfags would have you believe, foxes are not the elegant, beautiful, noble, clever animals that furries wish they were, but are in fact, mangy, vicious, often inbred, opportunistic cowards. They will kill every chicken in a henhouse just because they can and, if they ever had the chance, would eat your fucking babies.

Like the furries who so admire them, foxes stink to high heaven, carry all manner of diseases, probably demonic, spray urinal and fecal matter on each others faces, and make hideous noises when mating that sounds, disturbingly similar to a woman being raped.

In an ideal world, foxes would, like Jews, all be killed on sight, but because of furries, hippies and people who live in cities and who have only ever seen a fox in a Beatrix Potter book (PROTIP: Real foxes do not wear waistcoats and monocles and speak in effete upper class English accents!), they can now no longer be hunted and are free to roam, breed, then breed again with their own offspring, then breed again with their offspring's mutated, inbred spawn and fuck up the ecosystems in which they live.


Fox might also can refer to

  1. A foxy lady.
  2. Bikerfox, an e-celebrity.
  3. Fox News, the Americunt arm of Rupert Murdoch's propaganda machine.
  4. Foxconn, Where iPads are built with abusive labor practices.
  5. Foxy Bingo, who sponsors Jeremy Kyle, also the work of closet furfags.
  6. Firefox, a better web browser than Internet Explorer.
  7. Furries, who often style themselves as foxes.
  8. Fursecution Fox, created by Taurin Fox
  9. John Field, h4xor
  10. Michael J Fox, related to the Because of Parkinson's meme.
  11. Pedofox, a friend of Pedobear.
  12. Penis-Nosed Fox, a shitty attempt at a meme.
  13. Rita A forced meme with popularity on par with Boxxy.
  14. Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog, who is often favored by pedo furniggers.
  15. Star Fox

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