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Francis E. Dec, Esq.
The internet...
... in space!

Francis E. Dec, Esq., 29 Maple Avenue, Hempstead New York, was probably best known for his accurate predictions of the then coming (and now status quo) "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God".

A respectable lawyer, Dec was "disbarred" by the corrupted legal system of New York on fabricated fraud charges in 1956. Framing innocent people is simply standard business practices for the deadly trick gangster government, but they would not get away with it on this man, he had stared into the eyesight televisions of the lifelong sworn conspirators of the deadly sneak puppet gangster communist Frankenstein earphone radio slave government, and immediately knew the truth, and was ultimately murdered for spreading this truth.

For ten years he lived in his nigger ghetto house, terrorized, even in his yard, by his neighbors poisoning him with deadly nerve gas from their car exhaust and lawnmowers, sneaking through his house at night, replacing the paint behind the wallpaper with surveillance paint. His no good sneak parroting puppet playboy scum brother placed him under constant physical and emotional abuses. Everything he did was under surveillance, even the style of his window blinds, even trips to the grocery store were being diverted via remote controlled stoplights by the worldwide mad deadly con artist communist radio sneak parroting puppet mad Frankenstein eyesight earphone television radio slavery computer god.

In 1965, sneak deadly assassins dragged Mr. Dec in chains and flew him to an undisclosed area of the St. Lawrence Estuary and beat him bloodily. He claims that he knows these facts are true if Computer god were to look at his instant Frankenstein eyesight television playback. He also distinctly remembered a Braniff Airways sign on an adjacent hangar, giving him evidence of this sneak undetectable extermination attempt. He then immediately demanded that he be brought back to Kennedy New York airport. On his return flight to Kennedy New York airport they strapped him in his seat and attempted to spray him with poison nerve gas. He then ran to the back of the plane and demanded that these agents stop their sneak assassination attempts.

In 1992 the masters ordered Dec's brother in the assassination division of the secret police to send a control sequence to Dec's atomic antennae, causing a stroke, which allowed his brother plausible deniability when he took him into custody. Dec was moved to a maximum security prison for the criminally insane, supposedly somewhere near Queens, where he was kept on constant lockdown and underwent electroshock therapy, which, using nothing but will power, Dec managed to resist.

The prison was infiltrated in 1995 by a man under the alias of "Forrest Jackson" who filmed an interview with Dec attempting to get testimony regarding his imprisonment. Dec, being so badly beaten and drugged, could only psychically convey his thoughts onto the tape. The resulting footage was only kept secret from the communist sneak thief con artist gangster government's electronically controlled around corners trajection of deadly touch tarantula spiders for two weeks before being discovered and ultimately purged from existence. The only remaining bit of that footage (and consequently the only known picture of Dec) is a single frame, shown above.

This length of time was crucial to understanding the reach of the worldwide mad deadly conspiratorial computer god's slimy jew tentacles. After weeks of torture, Dec was finally exterminated, supposedly by his own brother. As expected, the conditions and time of his death are kept secret from you, the Frankenstein earphone radio slaves. It's safe to assume his body no longer exists, especially his brain, which was no doubt dissected to discover how it was able to comprehend the master plan.

Francis stood alone against the sneak pickpocket communist gangster government, the judges and the police. His testimony reached the intended recipients however, and thus before his death he handed us the secrets to save the entire human race, and, the entire universe.

Eyesight Television

Secret Truths Unearthed

  • We all have a real brain bank brain, on the brain bank cities of the far side of the Moon.
  • The Communist gangster computer god controls you through your MOON BRAIN with his deadly and sophisticated Frankenstein radio controls.
  • Aliens bred with apes which created the niggers who were not supposed to have letters, not even numbers.
  • FDR had a glasshouse built in back of the White House with a swimming pool, where he waded naked with his nurses and had sodomy affairs.
  • Pope John Paul had a similar facility to share with endless numbers of nuns for HIGH HOLY COMMUNION SODOMY.
  • It is US Supreme Court-written High Holy Law: "I'll give it to you to suck -- finish him!"
  • The Computer God uses plastic surgery to ensure everyone is dead or useless by the age of 70. Dec died at the age of 70. Coincidence?
  • C. God worldwide secret population control through full-length baby abortions and octopus tentacle back-alley abortions. The overall worldwide plan of global LOBOTOMIZATION and EXTERMINATION to create a worldwide population of Frankenstein brain-dead hopeless and helpless Jew mulatto slaves lingering for inevitability of gradualness. Do you have one word of pray for me, Francis E Dec?

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