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The Face of Frank.

Frank Face is a meme that originally spun off from /co/, which consists of photoshopping the face of the Marvel Comics character Punisher, as drawn by the artist Steve Dillon, into the face of other characters. The joke behind this meme is that the /co/mrades believe Dillon suffers from "Same Face Syndrome", due to his drawing the Punisher with the same cranky, hardened expression in every panel of any Punisher comic he has worked on, as well in several other different characters. Seeing the potential for lulz in this, the /co/mrades started to make dozens of manipulated images in which other characters would appear with the said cranky, hardened face and renaming them with Frank-related puns. This in-joke gradually grew out of /co/ and now can be seen in other geeky corners of the Internet.


One of the first threads dedicated to the Frank movement.

The criticism and mockery of Dillon's art-style isn't any new in /co/, as its users have been making fun of it for a couple of years, to the point that Dillon's art became mostly known in /co/ as "Everyone is Punisher/Frank Castle Style" (hence the origin of the meme's name). However, it was in early of 2013 that this jabbing would escalate to become a popular fad. During discussions of Dillon's recent contributions for comics such as Thunderbolts, anons would post swap-images of different characters having Punisher's face or, if it was the case of a comic book page with dialog, photoshopped versions of that page with all the characters having Punisher's face and most of the words in the dialog been replaced with "Frank". Somehow this caught the interest of the majority of /co/mrades, and as for now there are even general threads whose sole purpose is to dump these shopped images.


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