Frank teh Goat

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Vote Goat. He'd vote for you if you were running.
Celebrities for Frank_teh_Goat.
Who's dat babys daddy??
Sad supporter of a defeated Frank.

Frank teh Goat valiantly entered the fray at Lj-favicon.png ljers4president last August, only to become Frank teh much maligned even though endorsed by such celebrities as Willie Amos, Tony Danza and probably Jesus.

Scandal after scandal dogged his hooves. He was accused of salad tossing, banned by a batshit crazy PaigeGirl gone off her meds, banned by Imaybeparanoid from conservatism, observed attempting to buy rohypnol off of Beltboy and named in a paternity suit filed by his on-again-off-again love interest the sought after and lusted over Miss Greta_Goat which landed him on an episode of the Jerry Springer Show entitled "Who's dat babys daddy??"

Although there remain questions concerning his mental health after the brutal S&M torture he endured at the evil hands of Six Apart and Brad, Frank has confirmed that he will indeed attempt to wrest the presidency away from the triumphant Hepkitten this August.

Franks hobbies include being LJ president, boobs, girls, money, partying, rock & roll, tin cans.

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